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April 6, 2014
How the FBI Goes After Activists
Fort Hood Job Posting: “Seeking Individuals To Act As Role Players… In A Mass Casualty Exercise”
FDA Vaccine Insert Lists Autism as Adverse Reaction
Hidden Energy Inside Your Pocket Change
Why Does this Food Have 196 Ingredients?
This 'Wonder Material' Could Make Your Next Phone Super Thin With Internet...
USAID duped 40,000 Cubans with fake ‘Twitter’ to undermine communist government
April 5, 2014
Atheists Are 0.07% of the Federal Prison Population, Threatening Fact for Christian Fundamentalists
Why Americans Are Losing Their Religion at a Startling Rate
Move Over, Plastic Bottles: This Edible Blob Could Be Quenching Everyone’s Thirst
Muslims Object to Easter Eggs
Court considers Vatican document giving Pope the right to kill children
“7 million” number yet more propaganda: RAND Corporation study suggest barely 858,000 previously uninsured Americans have enrolled and paid premiums
Turns Out, Even The Price Of Beer Is Rigged
The US-EU Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA). Devastating Social and Environmental Consequences
Pentagon is moving aggressively to establish a “network” of elite American commandos across the globe
SHOCK CLAIM: GPS Data Reveals Possible Location Of Flight 370
April 3, 2014
Bill Clinton “Wouldn't Be Surprised” If Aliens Existed
NASA: Saturn Moon Has Large Underground Ocean
Researchers’ Stunning Claim About Noah’s Ark Might Surprise You
The liberal media NEVER misses a chance to stir up racial tensions! - MSNBC Plays Race Card About An Issue You Wouldn't Expect
Mars One To Build Simulated Colony For One-Way Astronauts
Daylight saving time linked to heart attacks
Medicare Plan B payment information for doctors will be made public
New Military Office Will Seek “The ability to link human brains to machines”
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