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October 6, 2013
Warmer oceans could raise mercury levels in fish
City Orders Residents to Remove ‘God Bless America’ Signs
Supreme Court Case: Does Prayer Violate the Constitution?
NASA Alert America Blackout Grid Shutdown 2013
U.S. pushing Trans-Pacific Partnership agenda despite government shutdown
China is employing two million people to keep tabs on people's Internet use, according to state media
Scientist wants to transplant a human head
NSA Ran Secret Test Project Tracking Americans’ Locations Through Cell Phones
Conspiracy Classic: ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’
Oregon Passes The "Monsanto Protectiono Act"
23andMe receives patent to create designer babies, but denies plans to do so
October 5, 2013
Hidden in National Weather Service forecast: P-L-E-A-S-E-P-A-Y-U-S
October 4, 2013
Capitol Car Chase And Shooting Happens The Same Day As Major First Responder Drill In DC Area
Government Shutdown Hits “Derivatives Regulator” CFTC
Theater of Gov Shutdown Continues to Distract Americans
Obamacare phones offered to health insurance buyers
US Cyber Command: Documents Reveal Pentagon Launching Covert Cyber Attacks
How the banks' big foreclosure settlement cheated consumers
California Passes Internet ‘Undo’ Law For Children
Affordable Care Act could lead to doctor shortage
"Government Shutdown" Song…
States With the Highest Fluoride Water Supplies
Junk' DNA Reveals Disease-Causing Mutations
Human brain boiled in its skull lasted 4000 years
Deadly lake turns animals into statues
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