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October 12, 2013
Forget the lab! A simple peanut butter "smell test" can diagnose early Alzheimer's
EBT System Down - Shutdown Propaganda or SHTF?
CPS Whistleblower Exposes CPS's Corruption, Kidnapping, and Drugging of Children
GLPVCs TheRawFeedLive Presents A New Format Beginning 10/21/2013
October 11, 2013
Sound waves create touch feedback without actual touch
Self-healing metal discovered by MIT
What if you could feel what you see on touchscreens?
IRS Watchdog: $67 Million Missing from Obamacare Slush Fund
Obamacare Has Veterinarians Howling
State Department Spends $5 Million in Taxpayer Money to Create Crystals & Barware for US Embassies
Remember What the Democrats Did with Obamacare that Led to the Government Shutdown?
October 10, 2013
How the Bible and YouTube are fueling the next frontier of password cracking
Bad Credit? No Obamacare for You
Watch A Monitor Lizard Decompose In This Freaky Timelapse
NSA wants even greater powers … to defend Wall Street
How Safe is Your Money From Impending US Default?
CIA Plans to Shutter Public Access to Foreign News Service…after more than 50 Years
Congress Is Less Popular than Dog Poop, Toenail Fungus, Hemorrhoids, Cockroaches, Lice, Root Canals, Colonoscopies
Citizens Are The Soylent Green Of Today's Politics
Amid government shutdown, Obama signals cuts to Social Security, Medicare
Janet Yellen to Be Named Head of Federal Reserve
FBI Accused of Using No-Fly List to Recruit Informants
Transforming America’s Schools into Authoritarian Instruments of Compliance
Knock, Knock: Will You Open Your Door When Obamacare Agents Show Up?
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