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March 19, 2014
Many Americans Will Opt Out of Insurance
Facebook’s Facial-Recognition Tech Is Now Better Than the FBI’s. Here’s Why That’s Scary
France begins banning cars in Paris
Premiums under the Affordable Care act could double in parts of the country next year.
Police armed with assault rifles surrounded a man armed with a life-size "gun" tattoo.
Man’s mother passed away, his wife insisted on singing “Ding dong the witch is dead.” It didn’t end well.
March 17, 2014
Wireless Electricity: “It’s Perfectly Safe”
How did a Prussian system of dumbing children down take hold in American schools?
Watching the Russians… Off Florida’s Coast
LGBT Group to Obama: Sign Executive Order Opening Military to Transgenders
Baptist churches giving away guns to attract new members
Cars could soon monitor our emotions, Help prevent “Road Rage”
Report: U.S. Electric Grid ‘Inherently Vulnerable’ to Sabotage
NATO websites hit in cyber attack linked to Crimea tension
Forests Around Chernobyl Aren’t Decaying Properly
The TPP Tries to Put a “No Exit” Sign on America’s Crapified Health Care System by Allowing Medical Procedures to be Patented World-wide
Is missing Malaysian jet the world’s first CYBER HIJACK? Chilling new theory claims hackers could use a mobile phone to take over the controls
New Form of GMO Sneaking Into Food Supply This Year
NASA: Industrial Civilization Heading for Irreversible Collapse
The Future of Brain Implants
Media Focuses In On Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories While World Edges Closer To War
How to Keep the NSA From Spying Through Your Webcam
Navy Submarine Drones Will Predict the Weather Months In Advance
Forgetting Is An Actively Controlled Process In The Brain
Keeping up with the droneses
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