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December 30, 2012
Pentagon Readying 800,000 for Rolling Layoffs
VIDEO: America’s Water Crisis
What’s in Your Milk? 20+ Painkillers, Antibiotics, and More
China Is Turning Its ISPs Into Internet Police
Meat Co Sues U.S. Government for Right to Open First New Horse Slaughterhouse in 6 Years
Debt Ceiling Debate Now Set for February 2013
Atheists sue IRS for ‘discriminating against’ secular non-profits
Living large in small houses
Secret Human Testing Revealed in Declassified U.S. Army Documents
The Coming Food Police
Council on Foreign Relations Plan for Global Governance in 2013
Crypto-Eugenic Media Group: Population Control Brainwashing A “Smash Hit”
7 things experts said were good for us
Will Computers One Day Have Human Senses?
December 29, 2012
Earth's Twin Will Be Found in 2013, Experts Say
December 28, 2012
Here's A Ton Of Party Tricks To Fool Your Friends And Family
The internet is leaving children brain-dead
Unions Warn Mississippi Shutdown Could Come Next Week
Blind dog finds her way home in depths of Alaskan winter
Bloggers post addresses of staff of newspaper that posted gun owners addresses
China requires Internet users to register names
Unionized dock workers threaten to strike at 15 ports
U.S. Taxpayers Will Continue to Pay More Than One-Fifth of U.N. Budget
Ohio university student obtains stalking order against overprotective parents
National Rifle Association vows to fight arms trade treaty at U.N.
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