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July 12, 2013
Potty Talk: Why You Should Squat for Better Digestive Health
Your Zip Code Could Indicate When You Will Die
Google Glass Is Developing Technology That Would Allow A Dog To Talk To A Human
July 11, 2013
The Swastika Forest -- Is Nessie a Geological Anomaly?
50,000 Year old forest discovered under water off coast of Alabama
July 10, 2013
How to Protect Your Privacy from Facebook Graph Search
Facial Recognition and Driver Licenses: Identification or Data Collection?
NYPD, Brookhaven Releasing Harmless Gases in Subway for Chemical Weapon Study
Obama Orders Fed Workers to Spy on Each Other
The NSA Has Inserted Its Code Into Android OS, Or Three Quarters Of All Smartphones
Lone Ranger film review: false-flag attacks by US oligarchs for genocide, resource control
Fracking for helium in Arizona
Firefox 22: How to Zoom Text But Not Images
Snowden could fly under UN passport, as Donald Woods did to leave S.Africa in 1978
Nevada Man Sues Police for Commandeering His Home to Surveil Neighbor
Taxpayers, Rockefellers Fund “Sustainable” Plot to Undermine Market
WHYTV – The FBI, Blacks, and Cointelpro
Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Talk to the Police
Cover Up Your Webcam When Not in Use
19-foot python breaks into Australian charity
July 9, 2013
Two Democrats from Maryland and Texas proposed legislation to build a national park on the moon.
Your fast food hamburger may contain as little as 2 percent actual meat
Your Life is Now Classified: NSA Rejecting All FOIA Requests by American Citizens
This Is Not a Test: Emergency Broadcast Systems Prove Hackable
Average cost per ‘official’ wiretap in the United States: $50,452
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