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July 23, 2014
Connecticut Courts want Citizens Disarmed
Robots Are Set to Conduct National Security Clearance Interviews
HOPE X: Citizens Band Microwave Spectrum And Free Internet For All
Parental rights in bull's-eye of Senate fight Dire warnings issued as supporters try to advance 'disabilities' treaty
The UK is about to unleash a 'fart machine' on France
July 22, 2014
Residents in a Florida town are shocked to learn some of their local cops were initiated into the Ku Klux Klan.
Obama Refuses to Add Religious Exemption to Homosexual Employment Mandate
IMF, World Bank, Giant Consultants Admit The Storm Is Coming
US Military Once Planned on Building Surveillance System on the Moon
How does each state feel about the military?
July 21, 2014
You Can Now Send Messages Even When You Don't Have Cell Service
The Manipulation of the Human Psyche
A Tweetbot Caught the Russian Gov't Editing Flight MH17 Wikipedia Info
Military To Scan Soldier’s Brains For Signs Of Disloyalty?
Venezuela's Breathtaking Air Tax
Almost everyone involved in developing Tor was (or is) funded by the US government
July 19, 2014
Mount Rainier will erupt again – magma rising in enigmatic volcano
US Sentencing Commission Votes Unanimously to Reduce Drug Sentences Retroactively
Gun Control: Bill Would Outlaw Firearm Brands On Kid's Clothing And Colorful Guns
The sun has gone quiet…solar cycle 24
New study shows how existing cropland could feed billions more
July 18, 2014
New Obama rule could force cities to house illegals
Congressman Thomas Massie Calls for Release of Secret 9/11 Documents Upon Reading Them
Globalist Mouthpiece Calls For The Entire Planet To Adopt Digital ‘National Identification System’
U.S. Military Seeks To Brain Scan Troops For "Signs of Potential Betrayal"
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