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August 6, 2014
Caught on video: Ebola vaccine researcher jokes about using genetically engineered virus to cull the human population, killing nearly 2 bil ppl
Voter Confronts Obama Supporting Democrat Rep.
US Supreme Court To Rule On Cops Who Get Law Wrong
Connecticut Supreme Court Says State Cops Can Detain You Simply For Being In The Vicinity Of Someone They're Arresting
Has New York Been Preparing for a Mass Casualty Event?
MSNBC Reporter Accidentally Claims Obama ‘Is From Kenya’
World Health Organization urged to allow experimental drugs to treat Ebola
More than 1 million people are listed in U.S. terrorism database
CDC Getting Dozens Of Calls ‘About People Who Are Sick After Traveling In Africa’
Christians ordered to stop praying inside mall In Georgia
‘Glitch’ Halts All ATM & Online Operations For World’s 2nd Largest Bank
U.S. to launch early Ebola vaccine trial in September
‘Nightmare bacteria’ spreading rapidly in Southeastern US
CDC’s National Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System is spying on kids & parents
5 Questions About the Ebola Scare
Military Brain Technology Could Create "Lucy-type" Super Soldiers for a Day
VIDEO: C-Span Interviews Head of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
House Quietly Passes Three Cybersecurity Bills
Google Play offers ‘Bomb Gaza’ game that lets you kill Muslim women and children
DoJ Subpoenas GM Over Subprime Auto Loans
The Curious Recovering Americans and the 'Top Secret' Ebola Treatment
Private corporations have become the fourth branch of our govt.
Big Brother is watching: FBI to monitor news outlets for negative stories about the FBI
Not just Argentina: 11 countries near bankruptcy
Technologies To Make You 'Superhuman' Are No Longer Science Fiction
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