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July 5, 2013
More Americans View Blacks As Racist Than Whites, Hispanics
NIH Will Retire Most Research Chimps, End Many Projects
China’s rich developing taste for human breast milk
Guy sets new hot-dog eating record at Nathan's Coney Island contest
FEMA Signs “Exchange” Deal With Russian Government
FB Bans Fox Commentator Over Conservative, Christian Content
Is It Time To Acknowledge Roundup Herbicide As A Contraceptive?
New World Order: ‘Declaration of Interdependence’ Issued in 1975
Commuter Train To Silently Broadcast Ads Directly Into Your Head
July 4, 2013
How Military Counterinsurgency Software Is Being Adapted To Tackle Gang Violence in Mainland USA
Watchdog group finds high levels of carcinogen in Pepsi drinks
More US air passengers try flying with guns
World's Oldest Genome Sequenced From 700,000-Year-Old Horse DNA
US spent $630,000 to 'buy' Facebook fans
Texas man with multiple sclerosis uses bee venom therapy
Student ordered to remove cross necklace at California college
Republican Students Confront Spiritual Warfare Unarmed
DOJ: Governments can punish homeschoolers
Feds to Spend $900,000 Housing Homeless LGBTQ Youth
U.S. explodes with 100 anti-NSA protests - Americans take to streets, Internet to demand feds stop spying on citizens
July 3, 2013
Famous breakfast cereal 'comes out of the closet'
The Great American Dragnet: Over 200 Million People Are in the Facial Recognition Database
Bone-marrow transplants 'cure' men with HIV
American flag made of hemp to fly over Capitol
Massive Earthquakes Make Volcanoes Sink
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