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February 21, 2014
Plan To Split California Into Six States Gets OK To Gather Signatures
Mass Surveillance of All Car Trips Is Nearly Upon Us
Black violence strikes from Baton Rouge to Brooklyn
Polar Vortex set to return next week
Financial Experts Warn “Stocks Will Collapse by 50%”
See What The Government Sees About You
A 3-Year-Old In Arizona Has A 160 IQ And Just Got Admitted To A Global Society For Geniuses
Chicago police develop real ‘Minority Report’ computer to predict crimes
February 20, 2014
Ridiculous 911 calls
The Department of Health and Human Services wants full access to all of your social media
Feds want to track your DNA like a license plate
Department of Homeland Security cancels national license-plate tracking plan
Newspaper Writer in CT Calls for the 100,000 Residents Who Refused to Register their Guns to be Arrested
DHS wants RFID chips in every drivers license
Paralyzed woman walks again with 3D-printed robotic exoskeleton
February 19, 2014
6-Year-Old Gets Letter From IRS, Issues a Response
Parentectomy!!: Boston Hospital Takes Custody Of MULTIPLE Children Against Parents’ Will
February 18, 2014
Kansas lawmakers propose a law that would permit teachers and caregivers to spank kids harder
Gays are the new Blacks for Progressives
FREE INTERNET? Company plans to beam free Wi-fi to every person on Earth from space
The mystery of the North Star: Astronomers baffled to find Polaris is getting BRIGHTER
Online internet trolls are psychopaths and sadists, psychologists claim
Obama calls homosexuality one of our ‘fundamental freedoms’
The ad break just for you: TV firms reveal plans to replace advertisements with personalised versions based on your political views
Top 12 reasons for FBI NICS background check denials over the past 15 years
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