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December 18, 2013
Canadian says he will give away $37 million lottery jackpot because he doesn’t need the money
Multivitamins have no health benefits and could be harmful, researchers claim
Mainstream media attacks multivitamins in yet another example of quack science
Neighbors Call Cops On Man For Washing Car in His Own Driveway
Recent College Bomb Hoaxes Expose Police State Preparations
Eyewitness to Hitler Warns Americans: “Keep your guns. Keep your guns and buy more guns”
Widespread Contaminants in Drinking Water Across U.S.
Drug Companies and Doctors Boost Profits Pitching Attention Deficit Disorder
MSNBC’s Radical Idea: ‘Every Non-Incarcerated Adult Citizen Gets A monthly Check From The Government’
“These Programs Were Never About Terrorism: They’re About Economic Spying, Social Control, and Diplomatic Manipulation. They’re About Power”
These Are The Ridiculous Ads Big Pharma Used To Convince Everyone They Have ADHD
Lung cancer breathalyzer to be trialed at UK pharmacies
Obama Allows Great Lakes Water To Be Sold To China As Half The U.S. Faces Extreme Water Crisis
December 17, 2013
Hollywood A List Actors Demon Possession and Spirit Channeling
Noah's Ark 'Was a Massive Double-Decker Coracle'
CIA Leak Gives Incontrovertible Evidence That 9/11 Was State Sponsored
Do diamonds really come from coal?
Parents Threatened for Opting Out of Common Core
ADL: ‘NRA hates Jews’!
Own the Land-Control the Resources-Enslave the Population
Pope Francis to Conservatives: ‘I Have Met Many Marxists in My Life Who Are Good People’
Ongoing 4-Year-Old Lawsuit Hinges on whether “i” is a Letter or a Number
New Armor Lets You Sense Surveillance Cameras
Confidential Obamacare Navigator training manual uploaded online
Spermbots: Remote-controlled sperm, for guaranteed delivery
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