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March 9, 2014
MIT researchers propose gas stations in space
March 8, 2014
University Staff Forced to Address Their “Heterosexual Privilege”
Abby Martin To "Piss Moran": MSM Filled Corporate Shills Who Continuously "War Monger & Fear Monger!"
Economist Warns of Collapse Risk: “Will Not Allow Life to Continue As We Know It”
This HD Video From Space Is Going To Change The World
Herman Munster (John Kerry) urges US envoys to make ‘climate change’ priority
Stolen Passports Prompt Terror Concerns in Missing Jet
9 Million Lbs. of “Diseased and Unsound” Meat May Have Reached 35 States, Says USDA
Russia Drafts Law That Targets Journalists as Terrorists
The Drone That Will Shoot You With an 80,000 Volt Taser
Names of Everyone on Board Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370
North Korean missile mishap
Scientists Unlock Mystery of Out-of-Body Experiences (OOBEs)
March 7, 2014
ICE SILENT ON RELEASE OF 2,228 ILLEGALS Refusing to disclose names, criminal histories of detainees
HOLDER SUES TO PROTECT ISLAM Claims beard-length rule violates 1st Amendment
Louisiana Threatens To Sue MoveOn.org Over Billboard
UFO enthusiast says aliens may inhabit southern Taiwan mountain
Facebook Now Restricting Free Speech When It Comes To Guns
Why is There GMO Sugar In Salt??
Famous Prankster Arrested, Video Confiscated for 'Evidence'
Oklahoma House Votes to Protect Property Rights from Feds and UN
College Grads Taking Low-Wage Jobs Displace Less Educated
Missouri Teachers Object to Being Shot During Active Shooter Drills
World Health Organization calls for sugar tax
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