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July 12, 2014
GLPVC Monday Nite 7/14 at 9pm est - ORLY TAITZ guest *Topic - illegals/border crisis & the halFRO in the WH
July 11, 2014
First the blood moon, now the Supermoon Is there spiritual significance in tonight's lunar phenomenon?
The case for Obama’s impeachment: The Constitution’s remedy for a lawless, imperial president
Do Your Genes Make You a Democrat?
Smart Lights: New LEDS Allow NSA To Spy On Your Every Movement
California Governor Signs Homosexual Bill Eliminating Terms ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’
Is Monsanto Contributing To The Rise In Mass Shootings?
Consciousness Becoming Less Taboo Subject for Scientists
Earth's Magnetic Field Is In Trouble
Indiana storing DNA of 2 million children without parents' consent
And the World’s Prison Capital Is … LOUISIANA!!!
New GOOGLE Glass technology reads your mind...
Nikola Tesla's Pro-Eugenics, Anti-Coffee Portrait of the Future
Police Trolling Personal Ads to Trick People Into Sex Crimes
Facebook is spying on your mom, your relationships and your political views
Drug maker in hot water for hiding trial data, bribing doctors to prescribe Celexa and Lexapro to children
Financial Institutions Fear Global Revolution
CISPA is back with a new name, and it’s even more dangerous to Americans’ privacy
July 9, 2014
Newly released FBI files on 9/11 Florida investigation reveal an “antagonist” from Jerusalem – Who is the government trying to protect?
Coming soon: Bill Gates-funded birth control microchip
Junk Food Encoded in Children's DNA and Beyond
Red Cross refuses to disclose how it spent Hurricane Sandy money, says it's a 'trade secret*
The Cure to the Illegal Immigration Crisis: Repeal NAFTA
Boy Invents Device to Prevent Kids From Being Forgotten in Hot Cars
July 8, 2014
Fed up: Anger rising across America
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