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February 8, 2014
New Plane-Based Surveillance System Sees Practically Everything And this time it's not on a drone.
Designer Scans Consumers' Brains To Create The Optimal Home Furnishings
Uzbekistan Will Test Kids' Genes To Find Future Olympians
Former Cop Proposes Law That Would Allow Officers To Ticket You Without Ever Leaving The 'Safety' Of Their Vehicles
63-year-old bird hatches baby chick
February 7, 2014
ABC News sued for broadcasting news about pink slime beef byproducts
Scientists blown away by Tasmania’s giant jellyfish
Bankers balk as Postal Service floats plan for payday loans, Digital Currency
Will the U.S Economy Crash on March 4, 2014?
The Love Frequency 528 Hz - How it cleaned polluted water in the Gulf of Mexico
Satanism Exposed In Revolver Magazine
9.0 Earthquake Tsunami Drill Involving 14 Nations Occurring Between Feb 17 – March 7 2014
School celebrates Black History Month with menu of fried chicken, watermelon and cornbread
Senator Tom Coburn Decides Only A Constitutional Convention Can Fix Washington
FDA Approves World's First Bionic Eye Transplant: The Era Of Cyborgs Has Begun
Eyes in the Sky: New Surveillance Technology to Watch Over Us
Johns Hopkins Introduces Database of Children's Brain Scans
Vein Scan Payment System Launched
Warning Drivers Of Speed Traps With Flashing Headlights Is Free Speech
Obama Considering Three Year Extension To Obamacare
Medical Nanobots Will Connect Brain to Cloud Computing
FEMA Enlists Designers to Rethink Disaster Relief
Could we soon REGROW our limbs?
New App Allows Strangers to ID You Just by Looking at You
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