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June 3, 2014
Mind Control Scientists Find New Memory Manipulation Technology
'Mega-Earth': Astronomers Find a New Type of Earth-like Planet
White House Purchases Google Key Words to Slam Putin
Alexander Graham Bell Made a Wireless Phone That Ran on Sunshine
Who’s in control — nation states or global corporations?
Funny Looking Tower Generates 600% More Electrical Energy Than Traditional Wind Turbines
Ohio Wants Drones to Constantly Monitor Its Prison Grounds
Former CBS Reporter Agrees: Mainstream Media Manipulated, Controlled by Establishment
Medicare Will Now Cover Sex Change Operations
June 2, 2014
NETFLIX: In The Future, Everyone Will Have A Personalized TV Channel
"Mental Health and Gun Violence" Bill Introduced After Latest Hyped Shooting
Honor student charged with 2 felonies for making a volcano as science experiment
Dangerous Pesticides Are Showing Up More and More in Our Urine and Breast Milk
When Fat Cats Meet In Munich: Welcoming the International Monetary Conference
Google Spending $1 Billion on Satellites to Cover Earth in Wi-Fi
SWAT locks down California school for 4 hours during class-by-class weapons search
North Dakota recently discovered piles of garbage bags containing radioactive waste dumped by oil drillers in abandoned building
June 1, 2014
Atheists Lose Battle To Remove “In God We Trust” From U.S.
May 31, 2014
College Fraternity Accused of Racism for Party with Grass Skirts, Coconut Bras
U.S. Govt. Hires 60,000 Illegal Immigrants, Pays Them $1 Per Day
Schools In This Area Will Give Out Condoms To Sixth Graders
90% Of Kindergarten Instruction at These Schools Will Be Taught In Spanish
GLP's Posting Threads/Replies Reminder
May 30, 2014
Dad Gets Fined, Sentenced To Probation For Making Son Walk Home From School
The USA Is The Fattest Country
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