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August 22, 2014
UN Grabs for the Internet
Raytheon & the NSA will now be recording everyone's license plate in Massachusetts
Teenage Slang Explained Again By Clueless Adults
August 20, 2014
Is this the face of the next Muslim terrorist?
Facebook Adds 'Satire' Tag to Fake News
Is California drought Setting the Stage for wave of earthquakes?
Volcanic Island in Japan may collapse and create Tsunami
Amnesty International Takes ‘Unprecedented’ Step in Sending Delegation to Ferguson
Boston Police Used Facial Recognition Software To Grab Photos Of Every Person Attending Local Music Festivals
‘Negro Spring’: Shots fired at police, media arrested, Nelly visits Ferguson (Photos, Videos)
Spy Tech "Stress Camera" Scans Crowds For Suicide Bombers
Early Use of Antibiotics Alters Immunity Later On
The Secret Science Boards of TED And The Question of Consciousness
How Various Law Enforcement Agencies Could Hack Your Computer Via YouTube Videos
August 19, 2014
How Much is $100 Really Worth in Your State? This Map Will Show You
August 18, 2014
GLPVC TheRawFeedLive - Wed Aug 27th 9pm est **Special Show** The Band "MADCO"
Hospital network hacked, 4.5 million records stolen – PA Included!
Eye Witness Audio of Mike Brown Shooting States: “Brown Doubled Back Toward POlice”
August 17, 2014
Woman Discovers Her Husband Is Married To Three Other Women After Finding Wedding Photos On Facebook
UFO caught by news crew in forest-fire coverage Startling phenomenon appears in TV footage
Actor Joe Piscopo is Leaving the Democrat Party because it has simply become too extreme.
Hidden Before Your Very Eyes. Don’t Underestimate The Creativity Of The Government
63% of Americans Actively Avoid Soda
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