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August 6, 2013
The Coming Push to Give HPV Vaccines to Infants
Could Soylent Powder Replace Solid Food?
McDonalds removes chemical aluminum hydroxide from hamburger recipe
Turkey’s Islamist government is constructing a massive $100 million, 15-acre mosque in Lanham, Md.
FEMA Demanding 24 Hour Delivery of Emergency Food Reserves
DHS Establishes 'Constitution Free' Zones Inside U.S. No Fourth Amendment Allowed
5 Shocking Stories of Police Taking Cash, Cars, Even Infants from People Never Accused of a Crime
Toxic algae confirmed in St. Lucie River,officials warn tob stay out of water
Burger grown from cow stem cells in laboratory put to taste test in London
August 5, 2013
Homes evacuated after La. train derailment
University shuts down science-class discussions
FBI Agents Gave Informants Permission to Break the Law Thousands of Times in 2011
China Is Ending Its "One-Child Policy" - Here Are The Implications
Banks Threaten to Punish Cities that Use Eminent Domain to Help Underwater Homeowners
Members of Congress Denied Access to Basic Information About NSA
New iPhones Will Come with "Biometric Kit"
Are We Being Conditioned to Accept 'Transhumanism' as Evolution?
How Your Child Is Being Dumbed Down by "Common Core" Education
Utopian 'Harvest Your Own' Groceries Coming Up
Another Conspiracy Theory Confirmed By The U.S. Senate!
NYS to suspend drivers licenses for unpaid taxes
USPS plans to sell downtown Reading post office, annex
August 4, 2013
FBI pressures Internet providers to install surveillance software
Kerry Announces Visas For Same-Sex Couples
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