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November 16, 2014
Russia says MH17 was shot down by plane missiles
NFL Star Quits Football To Build Free Farm And Feed Hungry People
Buffalo Police: Your Family Member Died, Please Give Us Their Gun … NOW
Penalty For Uninsured Not Signing Up For Obamacare To More Than Triple
2nd Grader's Homework: 'Rights are special privileges the government gives you'
NASA warns: Global groundwater crisis could lead to food supply collapse
Big Pharma Sells Ineffective, Potentially Deadly Anti-Cancer Drugs
UN Official Accuses US States of Violating International Law By Legalizing Pot
November 13, 2014
Researchers say ‘the new AIDS’ is infiltrating the U.S at the southern border
November 12, 2014
Missouri national guard on standby for Michael Brown grand jury decision
Pesticides blamed for clinical depression in farmers
FDA Tests less than 1% of Food Products for Pesticide Residue
New Attorney General: As Much of a Hack as Eric Holder
Police Use Department Wish List When Deciding Which Assets to Seize
Scientists Predict Robot Brains to Match Humans in 25 Years
The Endgame of the US “Islamic State” Strategy
Another ‘Eradicated Disease’ invading US
Has Ebola already mutated to evade detection?
Microbots could work like human muscles in future
November 10, 2014
Venezuela Using Fingerprint Scanners to Ration Food Basics Including Milk
Hubble Space Telescope Takes Image of Taurus Constellation
Synthetic Biology Could Supply Food, Fuel on Mission to Mars
Strange Sounds Spook Couple in Pennsylvania woods
Immunologist Admits Babies Only Vaccinated to 'Train Parents'
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