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November 22, 2015
Obama Bans Saying “Merry Christmas” At VA Center
To Pope Francis Christmas only a “charade”
Fossilized Tropical Forests Found In Arctic
California's statist government maintains DNA database of every person born since 1983
Do You Know About Civil Asset Forfeiture?
Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity from Microwave Technology Finally Medically Proven
Training exercises dovetail with mass shootings – What are the odds?
In secret meeting, Obama presses Canada for quick TPP corporate takeover approval
Soros-Backed Group Launches Bid to Keep Syrian Refugees Flowing
November 21, 2015
Obama’s Department of Veterans Affair Bans ‘Merry Christmas’, Christmas Trees ET AL
Feminist Internet: Witchcraft Is Sexist and Transphobic
Kansas Is turning away from religion more than ever before
Whooping Cough Rates Soar In ‘High Vaccine Areas’
Pepsi’s New Ad: One World, Aliens, Black Knight Satellite
New U.S. Law Allows Passport Seizure For Unpaid Taxes
November 20, 2015
Transgender ‘sex worker’ added to civil-rights exhibit
UnitedHealth Wants Out of Obamacare: Single Payer Socialism Begins
ISIS Warns ‘We’re Coming And What We Have Planned Will Shake America’s Existence’
US Approves Sale Of Genetically Modified Salmon For Human Consumption
Congressman Calls To Shut Down Websites And Social Media To Stop ISIS
Marine Arrested For Spreading 9/11 Truth On Facebook
Woman Purchases Entire Toy Store To Donate To Kids in Homeless Shelters a
November 18, 2015
How a group of neighbors created their own Internet service
November 17, 2015
Pope Francis Tells Christians “Prepare For The Apocalypse”
November 16, 2015
“Refugees” Threaten To Go BACK To Syria If These Demands Are Not Met
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