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July 18, 2014
Congressman Thomas Massie Calls for Release of Secret 9/11 Documents Upon Reading Them
Globalist Mouthpiece Calls For The Entire Planet To Adopt Digital ‘National Identification System’
U.S. Military Seeks To Brain Scan Troops For "Signs of Potential Betrayal"
Busted! Kiev's Video Implicating Russia Posted to Youtube Before Plane Was Shot Down
Putting babies on psychiatric drugs
July 17, 2014
When we die, what happens to our Facebook pages?
Bill Would Force Feds to Reveal Housing Locations of Child Illegals
US House approves permanent ban on Internet access taxes
Your Email to Canada May Now be Against the Law--Storming the CASL (Canada Anti-Spam Legislation)
Illegal immigrants showing up at border with ‘Yes we can’ Obama shoes
Cleveland chosen to host 2016 Republican National Convention
Red-Haired Archie Comic Character Killed Taking Bullet for Gay Friend
California’s Drought Is ‘The Greatest Water Loss Ever Seen,’ And The Effects Will Be Severe
Military Could Use Brain Scans to Predict the Enemy’s Thoughts
Illegals to be sheltered in L.A. while homeless remain on street
Texas Plans to Fingerprint EVERYONE within the Next 12 Years
Five nations forming their own world bank: Is this the new New World Order?
Drug-Resistant Superbug Cases Rise Significantly in Southeastern US
Restaurant Watches Old Surveillance And Shares Shocking Results On Craigslist
MTV To Air Show About Losing Virginity
Wasting Water in California Will Now Cost You $500
CDC's National Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System is spying on kids & parents
July 16, 2014
What States Are the Laziest in the U.S.?
Podcasts Orly Taitz & Larry Sinclair have been posted
Yellowstone Super volcano Eruption Would Last for ‘Many Months,’ Possibly Even ‘Years’
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