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March 31, 2014
Virtual Reality System Examines Brain in Real Time
HPV Vaccine Harms Have Japanese Demanding No More HPV Vaccinations
Self-Healing Muscle Engineered in Laboratory
New York Measles Outbreak: 90% Vaccinated
Obama Administration to regulate… cow flatulence
Historians’ Explosive Claim: They’ve Found the Holy Grail
Signs of earthquake off N Korea prompts nuke test fears.
4.8 magnitude earthquake strikes Yellowstone: largest quake in 29 years
Major Solar Flare Erupts from the Sun
March 30, 2014
ABC Faces Continued Billion-Dollar Lawsuit for Calling “Lean, Finely Textured Beef” “Pink Slime”
Sand Looks Unbelievably Cool Under a Microscope
A Giant Basket That Uses Condensation to Gather Drinking Water
Scientists find a way to read minds
March 27, 2014
Wisconsin School Districts Drop Federal Lunch Program over Michelle Obama’s Changes
March 26, 2014
Kansas Family Forced To Spend $25,000 To Learn Why Their Home Was Raided
March 25, 2014
One lawmaker wants Pennsylvania's official language to be English, another says Spanish should be.
Microsoft Explains Why it Hacks into Users' Accounts
March 24, 2014
Top Neuroscientist Warns That Human Cyborgs Are a Terrible Idea
Middle School Assignment: Second Amendment Requires Gun Registration
Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals
LAWSUIT: Bill Clinton made multiple trips to fundraiser’s private island where underage sex slaves were held
Busted! Man Gets Tapped Cell Phone Back From Police and Can Hear Them Talking!
How to keep your PC secure when Microsoft ends Windows XP support
What If The Illuminati Had A Training Video?
Thousands Sign White House Petition for Alaska to Secede and Join Russia
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