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September 17, 2013
The coming plague will not be stopped by drugs: CDC now admits era of antibiotics at an end as bacteria out-wit drug companies
September 15, 2013
New Police Toy Resembling ‘Ray Gun’ Can Disable Threatening Vehicles Via EMP
Verizon's diabolical plan to turn the Web into pay-per-view
AT&T threatens to disconnect users accused of copyright infringement
DoD office can't process FOIAs because fax machine broken, no money for new one
NSA director modeled war room after Star Trek's Enterprise
Controlling Weather with Lasers
Why Your Employer Really Wants To Pay You With A Prepaid Debit Card
Federal database to include your children?
September 14, 2013
McDonald's is testing a new mobile app that let's you order and pay for food on your phone
Anyone Else Aware Police Were Pulling These Kinds Of Experiments On Our Children?
September 13, 2013
Mom Pwns "Twerking" Daughter (video)
DHS to roll out disease outbreak surveillance grid to spy on health of Americans
This Ingredient Is Found In Most Cereals, Breads, But It’s Also Found In Foamed Plastics and Rubber Too
3 GMO Foods Likely in Your Multi-Vitamins
Miso Soup Found to Protect Against Radiation Exposure
Two Neurosurgeons Resign After Trying to ‘Treat’ Patients’ Brains with Fecal Matter
Scientists pinpoint proteins vital to long-term memory
List of 100 Heirloom Seed Suppliers
Genes linked to being right- or left-handed identified
The Physics of Pouring Water Upside-Down During a Barrel Roll
IL Pizzeria Offers Food For Flashing
Obama to cut COLA for active military while sending equal funds to Muslim Brotherhood
Why Americans Are Submitting to the NWO
Iowa Gives Gun Permits to the Legally Blind
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