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October 30, 2013
Gardasil Vaccine Causing Ovarian Failure
Food Bank CEO Suggests Welfare Cuts May Spark Riots
Shoppers Submit to Naked Body Scans to Enter Candy Store
October 29, 2013
A Pennsylvania lawmaker is pushing to have the phrase "In God we trust" displayed in every public school building in the state.
You may never eat street food in after watching this video
Obama plotting to suspend food stamps? Document shows administration has political ploy in arsenal
A massive Halloween storm may force travelers and trick-or-treaters to delay or cancel their plans in parts of the East
The Private Prisons Profit on Youth
Feds Told GM To Drop Pontiac Or No Bailout, Ex-GM Exec Says
Novel supercapacitor design could store electricity inside a silicon chip
A field test of Structure Sensor's 3D scanning for mobile devices
October 27, 2013
The Marine Corps has canceled plans for a unisex cap for male and female dress uniforms.
A 140-Acre Forest Is About to Materialize in the Middle of Detroit
HBO breaks free from cable bundles, cozies up with cable internet
NSA Website Hacked Ahead Of "Stop Watching Us" Rally
October 26, 2013
Hunter misses moose, shoots man on toilet
Man enters burning house to rescue beer
Beware Insurance Pitches Disguised As Obamacare
Families USA Receives $1 Million Grant to Tell Pro-ObamaCare Stories
Workers furloughed in U.S. shutdown must return jobless benefits
Aussie PM: carbon tax is ‘socialism’
Report: Foster Children Receive Too Many Medications
DARPA Is Developing an Implant that Can Read Brain Signals in Real-Time
Dept. of Education Builds Up Massive Arsenal Of Firearms
October 25, 2013
GOP Lawmaker Cracks Birther Joke
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