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February 3, 2014
Why The Keystone Pipeline Will Actually RAISE Gas Prices In the U.S.
Millions Are Now Realizing They’re Too Poor For Obamacare
Detroit Bondholders About To Be GM'ed In Favor Of Pensioners
February 2, 2014
Long time friend of Obama, Bill Ayers says “Constitution Needs To Be Replaced”
Washington State Edges Closer to Taxing Drivers by the Mile
GET READY! The Storms Start this Weekend… Two Weeks of Snow!
Proposed Bill Would Force Gun Owners in NY to Buy At Least $1 MILLION in Liability Insurance or Forfeit ‘Privilege’ to Own a Firearm
AT&T Develops Credits System to Limit File-Sharing Bandwidth
Bands Invoice US Government for Using Their Music to Torture Guantanamo Detainees
The New Social Class Structure Of The United States
Russia Today Declares 9/11 Was An Inside Job!
New Google patent suggests automatically sending your videos and photos to law enforcement
Farm Bill with Hemp Resolution Passes House
Garage door frequencies jammed in entire Glendale subdivision near Air Force base
Facebook Is About To Let You Go Anonymous For The First Time
January 31, 2014
GLPVC Presents - The JohnGaltFLA 1/28 Financial Doom Show Posted in its entirety for free *A MUST LISTEN
A left-wing disdain for conservative women and families flares up
Obama, IRS Fight To Keep Conservative Non-Profit From Forming
Ape Predicts Seahawks Will Win Super Bowl
New Android app warns you when you’re being tracked
Beware One Ring Phone Scam
Himalayan salt can help mineralize and detoxify the body
All Major League Sports Facilities Are the New FEMA Camps
‘Fake Snow’: Videos In Multiple States Show Strange Snow That Doesn’t Melt Normal, Burns, Smells of ‘Plastic’
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