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October 11, 2012
DARPA Tests Drones That Refuel While Airborne
Judge Caught Driving Drunk Allowed To Drive Home, Avoids DUI Charges
Lawsuit claims jail guards flushed baby down toilet, joked about it
Between Facebook and Sex, Facebook Wins
Supreme Court Could Hear Another ObamaCare Challenge
German Gov't Inadvertently Reveals Police Monitor Gmail, Skype, Facebook & Use Snooping Malware
October 10, 2012
Two out of three workers are looking for new jobs
Obama attended wedding of VP debate moderator and Husband FCC Chairman
U.S. House hearing investigates terror attack in Libya
Alex Karras, NFL great and MONGO from Blazing Saddles dies at 77
Rape victim 'shocked' when court ordered her computer records
Dear Mystery Algorithm That Hogged Global Financial Trading Last Week: What Do You Want?
Meet Polaris, The First Ice-Drilling Lunar Prospector-Bot
Canada Joins TPP as a Second-Tier Negotiator: Entertainment Lobby Approves, Civil Society Does Not
Supreme Court to Rule on Patents for Self-Replicating Products
October 9, 2012
European nuclear power plants ill-set for disaster
Spies or No Spies, U.S. Companies Should Fear Huawei
Frenchman, American win Nobel for quantum physics
11-Year-Old Boy Makes Most Important Woolly Mammoth Discovery Of The Century
Copyright Scofflaws Beware: ISPs to Begin Monitoring Illicit File Sharing
Lockheed Martin to Control Pentagon's Global Information Grid
New Senate Report: Counterterrorism 'Fusion' Centers Invade Innocent Americansí Privacy and Donít Stop Terrorism
October 8, 2012
House Science Member Says Earth Is 9,000 Years Old
Chinese telcos branded national security risk for US
Krugman Lets Loose On Jobs Report Truthers
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