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September 16, 2012
HUD Secretary Says More Taxes Needed to Subsidize Latinos
Half of all prescribed medicines are ‘useless or dangerous’
September 14, 2012
House passes spending bill to avoid government shutdown
Bette Midler wants anti-Muslim filmmaker charged with murder
Food stamp fraud convict had plastic surgery and souped-up car
Dog stands guard over deceased owner’s grave for six years
Feds ID CA man's role in anti-Islam film..(Obama wants blasphemy laws enforced in US?)
Vermont Store Bans Pennies
Police could create image of suspect's face from DNA
Don’t Think Different: Apple Adds Straitjacket Mode to iOS
Texas Cop Drags 77-Yr-Old Grandmother from Car for Refusing to Show ID
Implanted prosthetic device restores, improves impaired decision-making ability in monkeys
The Unintended Consequences of Low Interest Rates
Police Learn Propaganda Tactics at Internet Conference
U.S. Lawmakers Demand Transparency in Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks
U.S. Appeals Order Blocking U.S. Military Detention Law
Researchers identify sterility genes in hybrid rice
Texas Police Kill Unarmed Man Before Confiscating Witness Camera and Deleting Images
Toronto woman says to withhold sex from men with guns (Canada)
Carney Gives Two Different Answers on Libya Attacks Within 45 Minutes
EPA to America: You will use more biofuels, and you will like it
Undocumented Immigrant Starts Classes At Dartmouth
Gasoline Prices More than Double Under Obama: $1.84 to $3.85
Microsoft wants immigration reform to bring in foreign workers
Gov’t to Raid Retirement Accounts to Fund Shortfall of Treasury Purchases
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