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February 13, 2014
Are there 'pockets of life' on the MOON?
Hours After Judicial Watch Files FOIA For Osama Death Pics, Top Pentagon Leader Orders Pics Destroyed
Rare phenomenon to shake Planet Earth
February 12, 2014
An atheist groups says it's better for children to starve than be helped by a Christian group
February 11, 2014
‘Ten Commandments Judge’ Proposes Federal Marriage Preservation Amendment
Supreme Court to decide whether to hear cases regarding right to ‘bear’ arms
19 Statistics About The Drugging Of America That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe
"He's Wearing a Diaper!": TSA Agent Humiliates Cancer Victim
Retail Apocalypse? Major Chains Closing Hundreds Of Stores
Couple say CPS told them to get divorce if they want kids back
NWO/Illuminati Blueprint Exposed Through Two French Men’s Graphic Art
Not Just a Pipe Dream: Texas gets ready to leave the U.S.
Ice Expert Predicts Lake Superior Will Completely Freeze Over This Winter
Hollywood earthquake is third in 10 days
Gym memberships add Obamacare tax
TV Propaganda And The Mind Control Culture
BBC Propaganda: “Why I Want A Microchip Implant”
Catfish oversight, weather radios and a Christmas tree tax: Meet the pork-filled $956 BILLION Farm Bill
This Miracle Karaoke Machine Will Fix Your Terrible Voice
Skin gun offers new hope for burn victims
Is intelligence written in the genes?
Presidential Cancer Panel Demands More Children Receive HPV Vaccine
February 9, 2014
Nevada County Will Charge Inmates For Their Meals And Medical Care
G-20 eyes database to fight tax evasion
NBC Praises Communism as One of History’s ‘Pivotal Experiments’
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