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November 16, 2013
Families Face Radiation Danger After Authorities Lie About ‘Objects’ Found In The Ground
DARPA Hacking Humans - The 47th Chromosome
Today Thousands March Against Mainstream Media
Ever Purchase a Book on Lying? You Might Be on a Govt Watch List
Socialist Elected to Seattle City Council
Attorney General worried about proliferation of 3-D printed weaponry if ‘Undetectable Firearms Act’ allowed to expire
Your cell phone number could be blocked if you receive a low 'Phone-ID Score'
CIA Creating Vast Database of American's Personal Financial Records
Police departments have NSA like spying powers for social media monitoring
November 15, 2013
Some ankle bracelets given to suspects out on bail or parole may have the ability to listen to and record
Police Could Start Using This High-Tech GPS Tracker To Give You Speeding Tickets
The Girl Claiming to Be Andy Kaufman's Daughter Is a New York Actress
Andy Kaufman's Brother Says The Legendary Prankster Faked His Own Death And Is Still Alive
The Internet now can be considered WEAPONIZED
Butterball is reporting a shortage of fresh turkeys this Thanksgiving.
November 14, 2013
Thanks a Lot, Mr. President: Single Mom’s Letter Goes Viral
School’s New Spy System Places Children Under Complete Surveillance
Obama to allow canceled health insurance policies to be sold for another year
The Government Plans To Track Us And Those We Are Related To Using Our DNA
Homeland Security must disclose ‘Internet Kill Switch,’ court rules
DHS Creates New Fusion Centers, Taking Control of Local Police
The Xbox One's IR camera can see your privates even in the dark
Bird flu strain infects human for 1st time
The Next U.S. Weapon at Sea Could Be Sound Waves
How NASA Will Use 3D Printers in Space (Video)
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