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November 26, 2013
Comet ISON Could Be Spectacular Thanksgiving Celestial Light Show
Demand Grows for Classes in English Slang
Virginia man will be paying for toll road fines until he’s 87 years old
Online Merchant Charges Customer $3,500 for Writing Bad Review
U.S. Unfreezes $8 Billion in Iranian Assets
Drones With Face Detection Cameras Obey Visual and Vocal Commands
NJ proposes banning eating, smoking while driving
Weight loss chip implanted in arm tells you when to stop eating
Kmart Shows Its "Balls" This Christmas Season
Obamacare Creates 50 State Databases With No Function Beyond Gathering Potential Voter Information
Supreme Court Accepts Hobby Lobby’s Challenge to Obama’s HHS Mandate
Obama Admin: We Will Win Our Bid to Force Hobby Lobby to Obey the HHS Mandate
Black Mob Violence: New Denials... and New Violence
Cuba builds communism-free zone to woo capitalist businesses
Half of HIV Infections in Greece Are Self-Inflicted
‘Exploding boobs’ are the TSA’s number one terrorist threat
Legalized Theft of Guns
Social Logins for Government Services Profile User's Identity
Geneticist David Suzuki Says Humans “Are Part Of A Massive Experiment”
Terminator Robots to Take Over the Battlefield by 2023?
Spooky Business: US Corporations Enlist Ex-Intelligence Agents to Spy on Nonprofit Groups
FBI Preparing To Roll Out Nationwide Facial Recognition System
D.C. cops go ‘nuclear’ with traffic cameras
Exposed: WebMD betrays Americans by pocketing millions to promote Obamacare propaganda
Be Warned: GovSchools Threaten Parents With Armed, Militarized Raids Unless They Comply With Demands
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