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January 26, 2014
Mantis shrimp sees color like no other
Vaccine adjuvant aluminum hydroxide causes neurological disease
Some Soft Drinks Contain Cancer-Causing Chemical
CDC conspired to bury evidence of vaccine-induced fetal deaths
Federal Government To Issue New Guidelines For Banks Dealing With Legal Marijuana Businesses
Radioactive Waste Dumped by Oil Companies Is Seeping out of the Ground in North Dakota
Compound found in marijuana shown to ‘turn off’ cancer
F.B.I. Audit of Database That Indexes DNA Finds Errors in Profiles
Farmers Abandoning GMO Seeds and the Reason Will Surprise You
Homeland Security Secretary: Illegals Have ‘Earned Right to be Citizens’
Monsanto’s Bt-Toxins Found to Kill Human Embryo Cells
Davos 2014: Elite are Launching Global Internet Governance
This Is What A Central Bank Losing Control Looks Like
January 25, 2014
GLP Recession Proof Meals - Cooking goes a long way
Is a False Flag Bioterror Event In Our Immediate Future?
Cartoon Programs Kids for the Surveillance State
Will your next phone be powered by your heartbeat? Scientists reveal implantable battery that can charge from the movement of our organs
Space cop satellites to patrol Earth’s orbit
Earth-Impacting Asteroid on January 2nd Heard by Nuke Detectors
Obama Spending $2.7 Mil to Broadcast Communist Propaganda to Vietnam
Postage Stamp prices to increase Sunday
Dan Aykroyd sworn in as Hinds County (MS) deputy
More consumption not necessary for human well-being, says UN report
$1T farm bill deal could come Monday, House leaders say
New Bill Incites Fears of "Fringe" Beliefs in Schools
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