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January 18, 2014
A nun was rushed to the hospital with stomach pains. By the time she checks out she’ll no longer be a nun.
High school student manages to "rickroll" his physics teacher - Hilarious Secret Message Hidden in High School Student’s Physics Essay
Has the Sun gone to sleep? Strange solar behavior baffles astrophysicists
Think Tank: “Extraordinary Crisis” Needed to Preserve “New World Order”
These Ancient Elongated Skulls Are NOT HUMAN
UN Agenda 21: The Feds and UN Coming for Your Water Rights
Something is Making Cattle Hooves Fall Off
5,900 Natural Gas Leaks Discovered Under Washington, D.C.
Why Are Dozens Of High Ranking Officers Being Purged From The U.S. Military?
NY state senator says: psych eval for all little children
Facebook Game Predicts Mind Controlled Smart Homes
Worse Cyclones Will Hit East Asia
Putin Tells Gays That They Must ‘Leave Children Alone’ at the Winter Olympics
400 child-abusing priests defrocked during Pope Benedict XVI’s reign, Vatican reveals
UN Arms Trade Treaty Targets Our Freedom (Video) UN Arms Trade Treaty Targets Our Freedom
Details of Medicare Payments to Doctors Finally Go Public after 35 Years
53 Years To The Day That Eisenhower Warned Of The Military-Industrial Complex, Obama Will Further Its Cause
Exorcism rituals on the rise as way to battle evil of Mexican cartels
Google's Internet of Things Now Includes Your Body
25% Of U.S. Teens Have Abandoned Facebook
Hershey and 3D Systems join forces to develop 3D-printed food technology
This Phone Lets You Send Smells, Not Texts
The First Totally Open Source Laptop Is Almost Real
States slamming door on Obamacare felons
January 17, 2014
A Smartwatch That Tells Time With Scent
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