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February 15, 2012
Greece: From Despair to Resistance: Test Site for Neoliberal Social Engineering
Austin police swarm white man for walking with black granddaughter
Out of Africa? Data fail to support language origin in Africa
In new mass-production technique, robotic insects spring to life
Human and humanoid robot shake hands in space 1st
Insanity! Is Barack Obama Going To Unilaterally Slash The Size Of The U.S. Nuclear Arsenal By Another 80 Percent?
Caught On Tape: Officer Threatens to Make Up Evidence After Arrest of Innocent Men
NYPD’s ‘stop-and-frisk’ searches increased over 600 percent under Bloomberg
Manufacturers Say They Have Plans For MASSIVE Increases In Capital Spending This Year
February 14, 2012
U.S. Manufacturing Is Making Headway
Frozen Fruit Flies Come Back to Life
German Physicist Flies First Manned Electric Multicopter
Operation Jack in the Box – Mysterious UFO Boxes on Oregon Coast?
Obama: Lets Debase Our Coinage Even Further to "Save Money"
Why Are Government Bureaucrats Turning America Into Nazi Germany?
Extraterrestrial archons: Hollywood Star admits to Alien Microchipping
DARPA Set to Drop Computer “F-Bombs” to Spy on Public
Missing dark matter located: Intergalactic space is filled with dark matter
Obama Administration Proposes Big Cuts to NASA’s Mars Programs
February 13, 2012
Video Microscopy Unveils the Tricks of Nature's Toughest Glue, Oozed By a Bacterium
Senators Consider Banning Automatic Media Sharing on Facebook
EuropeanUnion is Considering Using Drones to Police Farm Subsidies
Life May Be Found Under Antarctic Ice Sheet
20 Things We Can Learn About The Future Of America From The Death Of Detroit
How Syngenta Investigated the Press and Shaped the News About its Controversial Weed-Killer Atrazine
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