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August 19, 2012
How to Teach a Robot to Improvise
Massive Meteorite Crater Found in Canadian Arctic
Group Using Obama's Hollywood Supporters in Campaign Against Him (Video)
Poverty takes its toll on life expectancy (Obama's America)
Oklahoma police captain sues department over mosque assignment
Adoption community fears impact if tax credit expires
Farmers fear their hard work may be destroyed
Obama Administration's War on Persecuted Christians
How Liberals Argue
Bill banning parents from trying to 'cure' gay kids moves forward
August 18, 2012
A New Robot Dismantles Pipe Bombs While Leaving Forensic Evidence Intact
Facebook Will Ice Backup Data in ‘Sub-Zero’ Building
The New Face of Health Care -- the IRS
$20,000 To Anyone Who Provides Obama’s College Transcripts
Ad accuses Obama of defending ‘racism against white folks’
Cher: May God Take My Voice if I Stop Promoting Abortion
Five Ways Privatization Degrades American Life
Canadian Medical Association Redefines Human Life
Spider version of Bigfoot emerges from caves in the Pacific Northwest
Princeton study reveals the brain's mysterious switchboard operator
US carbon emissions in surprise drop
Cantaloupe Outbreak Kills Two, Sickens 141 in U.S. States
Humanity Responds to 'Alien' Wow Signal, 35 Years Later
Curiosity Prepares to Rove and Shoot Lasers
August 17, 2012
New 'Male Birth Control' Compound Can Temporarily Turn Off Sperm Formation
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