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December 14, 2012
Cheese By-Product Keeps WI. County Roads Clear Of Ice
Making criminals leave chemical fingerprints
U.N. Conference Slyly Introduces Resolution to Gain Control of Internet—in Middle of Night
TSA Calls Bomb Specialist On Wheelchair Bound 12-Year-Old Girl With Bone Disorder
Hacking the Human Brain Furthers the Advent of Super Soldiers
Free Flu Shots Traded for Your Guns: Disarming and Disabling America
What if Reality Was Really Just Sim Universe?
December 12, 2012
Planetary Alignments Could Trigger Earthquakes During The 'Mayan Apocalypse'
Washington City Charges Public $670 to Exercise Constitutional Right
Pentagon Asking Congress To Sell Israel 1,725 Bunker Busters
Why Aren’t Christians Allowed to be Offended?
Undocumented immigrants could get jobless benefits
Germans hording mountains of gold
USDOJ: Identify Theft & Fraud
December 11, 2012
Congressman calls for ban on 3D printed guns
Carbon Tax Could Come After Fiscal Cliff Deal
A New Jersey Gas Station Filled Cars With Jet Fuel
Shapeshifting Metamaterial Could Revolutionize How We Treat Wounds
Motor mutts pass doggie driving test with flying collars
Obamacare fee of $63 per person to begin in 2014 (Just for pre-existing conditions)
Texas Secession Petition Ignored by White House
French Teacher Suspended Over 'Suicide Assignment'(Asks Kids To Write Suicide Note)
Judge finds NC ‘Choose Life’ plates unconstitutional
Cable subscribers are about to get a sneaky fee
Nine Beers Americans No Longer Drink
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