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December 15, 2013
UN Claims Uruguay Not Allowed to End Marijuana Prohibition
Doctors use dead children and manipulated research to promote civilian disarmament
Principals: Common Core Testing Makes Students Throw Up and Wet Themselves
MIT's 3D motion-tracking tech can see you through walls, no camera needed
Earth's poles are shifting because of climate change
World’s Smallest Pacemaker Can Be Implanted without Surgery
December 14, 2013
Comet ISON break-up: What could happen on Dec 16th in South Africa
U.S. government & DHS are compiling dossiers on “anti-government activists”
The IMF wants you to pay 71% income tax
Scientist create 'robotic sperm' to help with fertilisation and drug delivery
Scientists take first step towards growing brains in a lab
Government Forcing Private Email Services To Shut Down Because They Can't Read Them
December 13, 2013
Doctors find 40-year-old fetus inside elderly woman’s abdomen
All sounding the Alarm for what Is Coming In 2014?
Signs the American civil war nears as 14 Governors : Prepare State Militia Defenses, To Be Ready Against Obama’s Rogue Federal Forces
Who Decides Who's Crazy? - Big Pharma and the DSM
New Wi-Fi Technology Can Track You Through Walls
USGS Report: Up to Half of L.A. Buildings Would Be Uninhabitable After Large Quake
Legislators Introducing Bill to Nullify Obamacare in Georgia
Is this the end of CCTV cars?
Dubious Police Use Of Lethal Force Looms Over The Nation
Rise Of Militarized Police Threatens Civil Rights, Community Well-Being
US Unemployment Aid Applications Surge To 368,000
Hospital patient says clock told him, ‘Time to die’
The Communist Agent Who Caused Pearl Harbor — and Global Economic Havoc
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