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August 16, 2012
Corpse stars could nurture life on alien planets
Stone Age skull-smashers spark a cultural mystery
Books and JavaScript stored in DNA molecules
First non-hormonal male 'pill' prevents pregnancy
Gas Prices Moving to All Time High
Spiral of banks warns of financial meltdown
August 15, 2012
Babies may not have a 'moral compass' after all: New research casts doubt on landmark 2007 study
Danger in the blood: Scientists show how antibiotic-resisting bacterial infections may form
Long-term patterns in tropical storm activity revealed
Bad science behind unconstitutional US executions
Greenland melting breaks record four weeks before season's end
Water shortages hit US power supply
U.S. Swine Flu Outbreak Spikes
August 14, 2012
Synthetic 'upgrade' for fruit fly's DNA
Controlling cellular function on nano surfaces
US offers tentative plan to put pipeline across National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska
Scientists decode TREX which could see new treatments for cancer realized
Arctic sea ice heads for record low
Prosthetic Retina Helps to Restore Sight in Mice
CDC: Pretty Much Everyone Is Fat
New Algorithm Predicts Your Future Movements Within 65-Foot Accuracy
FAA Documents Raise Questions About Safety of Drones in U.S. Airspace
Mutant Butterflies are Turning Up in Japan's Nuclear Disaster Zone
August 13, 2012
US hybrid military airship makes first flight
New system could predict solar flares, give advance warning
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