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November 14, 2012
Foxconn Allegedly Replacing Human Workers With Robots
Woman allegedly runs over husband for not voting
Extreme weather preceded collapse of Maya civilization
Vets Want A Global Monitoring System To Track Sickness In Pets Before It Jumps To Humans
Detroit Could Go Bankrupt Before End Of Year
Pharmaceutical Ad for Meth
For-Profit Colleges: A “Business Model” That Blew Up
Pennsylvania high school hockey league bans national anthem to save money on ice time
Citigroup: 100 layoffs at Uniondale office (Five thousand altogether)
Online Privacy Issue Is Also in Play in Petraeus Scandal
DHS Labels New York Food Carts As Possible Terrorist Access Points
The Middle Class Are Losing Their Faith In College Education
LIPA chief operating officer Michael Hervey has resigned
No more Pennsylvania Tpke toll workers?
Octo-Mom has police report filed against her for allegedly stealing $7K diamond ring
Link between global warming and drought questioned
Hovering moon base may be on NASA's horizon
In financial ecosystems, big banks trample economic habitats and spread fiscal disease
Astronomers find 'homeless' planet wandering through space
Obama vs. the Brass: Benghazi Cover-up, Agenda to Gut Military?
November 13, 2012
Fiscal Cliff Would Only Dent The Deficit
If You Eat Something, Say Something: DHS Sounds The Alarm On The 'Terrorist Implications' Of Food Trucks
Petraeus Resignation Suggests Possible White House Cover-Up
November 12, 2012
Study suggests humans are slowly but surely losing intellectual and emotional abilities
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