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August 30, 2012
Light-activated skeletal muscle engineered (w/ Video)
Hot DOG surprise reveals new stage in galaxy evolution
Dawn spacecraft prepares for trek toward dwarf planet
Drought and SuperBugs Devastate U.S. Corn Crop
Video: Controlling a Drone With Nothing But Your Thoughts
TSA Denies Stonewalling Nude Body-Scanner Court Order
Walls of lunar crater may hold patchy ice, LRO radar finds
EFF Sues to Get Secret Court Rulings Showing Feds Violated Spy Law
August 29, 2012
West Nile Virus Cases Set Record, Deaths Soar: CDC
Bin Laden Raid Became Re-Election Mission, SEAL Book Says
Turing machine gives order to chaotic Penrose universe
American Middle Class Being Compressed Out of Existence
TrapWire's Alleged Corporate and Government Connections Grow
The U.S. Air Force is Officially Seeking Cyber Weapons
Cyborg tissue is half living cells, half electronics
New research eclipses existing theories on the Moon formation
Building blocks of life found around young star
August 27, 2012
Computational biologist solves 200-year-old oceanic mystery
Now on Kickstarter: The First Steps Toward a Lunar Space Elevator
Communist China Uses “Journalists” as Spies, Ex-Xinhua Writer Confirms
NASA's Next Nanosatellites Will Carry HTC Smartphones
Darwin discovered to be right: Eastern Pacific barrier is virtually impassable by coral species
New Orleans braces for storm on Katrina anniversary
Students Build a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Locomotive
August 26, 2012
United Nations Sponsors Another Gun-Grabber Conference in New York
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