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October 13, 2012
Report: Ukraine Trains Dolphins With Friggin’ Pistols on Their Heads
FTC Close To Google Antitrust Case, Sources Say
FBI reports 'large amount' of next version of $100 bills stolen
Do Chinese Tech Firms Pose U.S. Security Threat?
China calls on U.S. and Japan to fix their finances
Ad Industry's Assault on "Do Not Track" Continues at the W3C Amsterdam Meeting
More than 300 PA National Guard troops prepare for deployment
October 12, 2012
Apple Patent Expands on Biometric Identification Implementations
Lawyer in Climate Science Case May Have Broken Ethics Rules
Trolls or criminals? Britain wrestles with social media
Curiosity Rover Finds Rock Type That’s Never Been Seen on Mars
Pennsylvania Fracking Law Opens Up Drilling on College Campuses
Japan's TEPCO admits downplaying tsunami risk
October 11, 2012
Scientists Detail A Diamond Encrusted Super-Earth
How Do We Know We're Not Living Inside A Massive Computer Simulation?
How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans From Tehran
DARPA Tests Drones That Refuel While Airborne
Judge Caught Driving Drunk Allowed To Drive Home, Avoids DUI Charges
Lawsuit claims jail guards flushed baby down toilet, joked about it
Between Facebook and Sex, Facebook Wins
Supreme Court Could Hear Another ObamaCare Challenge
German Gov't Inadvertently Reveals Police Monitor Gmail, Skype, Facebook & Use Snooping Malware
October 10, 2012
Two out of three workers are looking for new jobs
Obama attended wedding of VP debate moderator and Husband FCC Chairman
U.S. House hearing investigates terror attack in Libya
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