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January 15, 2014
Leukemia treatment given shot in the arm by artificial bone marrow development
World's smallest windmills to power cell phones
N.S.A. Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers
Awe-Inspiring Skies, Captured by an Extreme Storm Chaser
Dude was kicked out for wearing a speedo
How to buy an election: The Koch brothers’ 2014 battle plans exposed
FEMA Seeks Bio-Disposal For 1,000 Tent Hospitals
US House passed bill ravaging toxic-waste law on same day as West Virginia chemical spill
Meet “Smart Restaurant”: The Minimum-Wage-Crushing, Burger-Flipping Robot
Supercomputer Duplicates Human Brain Activity
NSA Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers
Clever cars with Android keep you online as you drive
Blogger’s indefinite incarceration raises First Amendment questions
Ultrasound blasts endow your brain with sensory superpowers
Scientists Resurrected 700-Year-Old Animal Eggs From A Lake
Ready For War: Parks and Wildlife Officers Now Heavily Armed As Military-Style “Force Multipliers”
January 14, 2014
Devil Baby Attack
Iranian press: Snowden docs prove aliens who built Nazi subs also control U.S. foreign policy
There is now only one branch of government in America
Government Paid 'Obscene and Insulting' $1/4 Billion on Penis Pumps in 10 Years, Gov't Report Shows
Federal Court Deals Blow To Open Internet Access
The big news in health this month was that “Vitamins don’t work.”
Obama threatens Congress with more executive action in 2014.
Feds Push Software to Monitor Americans' Energy Usage
The FDA Wants To Dig Through Everyone's Stuff In Order To 'Monitor Online Sentiment'
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