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May 30, 2013
Boy Scout Exodus Has Begun
72,600,000: Record Number on Medicaid in 2012; Outnumbers Populations of France and UK
Breast Milk Protein HAMLET Reverses Antibiotic Resistance in MRSA, Pneumococcus
What happens when you collapse an underwater bubble with a soundwave?
Obama Administration and DHS Spying On Veterans
8-Year-Old Suspended Over Gun-Shaped Pop-Tart Gets Lifetime NRA Membership
Man prayed over by Pope says he suffered from demons
Arsenic being intentionally added to conventional chicken
1 in 13 people have bendy chimp-like feet
FBI Ran Pedophile Ring to Nab Pedophiles
New App Claims To Cure Homosexuality In 60 Days
Government Orders Midwives to Spy on ‘Racist’ Parents
Record 10,978,040 Now on Disability; ‘Disability’ Would Be 8th Most Populous State
Drunk Driver Crashes Car During Road Sex, Ditches Naked Partner
May 27, 2013
Synthetic Marijuana: What Is It, And Is It Riskier Than Regular Pot?
DHS Teaching Kids To Go To FEMA Camps In a Time of Crisis
Department of Homeland Security: Selling Counterfeit Goods is Now “Terrorism”
Consumers Will Soon Have Devices In Their Hands To Detect GMO and Toxic Foods
American Psychiatry Classifies New Mental Illness Disorders (and you can bet you have one)
Senators full of reasons why EBT reform won’t work
State of Illinois trying to return 108 forgotten war medals to veterans, families
Why did our ancestors start walking upright? Ancient terrain may hold clue
May 26, 2013
The New Crime of Eating While Homeless
Priceless: “I’ve Had Enough Of This Bureaucratic Bulls%#t!”
Mississippi considers prosecuting women for stillbirths and miscarriages
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