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January 14, 2014
Woman sues divorce attorneys for ending her marriage
Satan Statue Near Ten Commandments 'Should Bring All Christians To Their Knees,' Pastor Says
Americans warned of imminent, deadly meteor strikes
January 13, 2014
WV: Freedom Industries Has Ties to Koch Brothers
What’s the Story Behind the Massive, Mysterious Concrete Arrows Scattered Across the Country?
Federal Law Says You CAN NOT Be Penalized To Opt Out Of Obamacare
Pastor Believes Obama Paving the Way for the Antichrist
Salted Citrus: A No Cook, No Freeze Method for Preserving the Harvest
Missouri Looks To Get Multiple States Together To Defy Gun Control Laws
Colorado Bill Attempts To Prevent Food Stamp Money From Being Used To Buy Pot
Barack Obama Wants His Name Off of Obamacare
Powerful Winds Knock Over Condo Building (Video)
Obamacare Enrollees Walking Out Of Hospitals, Pharmacies Because They Can’t Prove Coverage
Meteor Fireball outburst now beginning earlier than predicted
'Hand of God' Captured in NASA Image
Radioactive Plume detected.. not in Japan - Here in the United States.
January 12, 2014
Hawaii’s Obamacare exchange not fiscally sustainable, lawmakers told
Wyoming Man Ordered To Pay $6.3 Million After Starting Forest Fire
Two Dems and A Union President Received Communist Awards at Event Held In a Public School
GMO labeling to be outlawed? Grocery Manufacturers Association unveils deviously evil plan to silence us all
Who You Gonna Call? Ghost Writers Spin Government Propaganda
Man gets ARRESTED after Google+ 'sent an automatic invitation' to his ex who had a restraining order against him
$70K in Newtown Donations Missing
U.S. Military on Path to Become Google’s Single Largest Customer
Portland Pimp Suing Nike For $100 Million
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