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January 12, 2014
Oklahoma Man Kills Stepfather By Performing ‘Atomic Wedgie’
WARNING: Gun confiscation 'coming soon'
January 11, 2014
Teen Fighting DUI Charge After Clean Blood Test
A Worldwide Concerted Effort to Shut All Doors Internationally for Americans and Westerners
Five traditional foods that everyone should be eating for exceptional health
As Americans nearly freeze to death, EPA pushes to criminalize many woodstoves
Cop Filmed Playing Poker On In-Car Computer Driving During Rush Hour On Unplowed Road
Saxo Bank CEO Warns of Collapse Into "Totalitarian" Society
What It's Like When The FBI Asks You To Backdoor Your Software
Hollywood Star Asked The Government For $50K Of Cocaine In Exchange To Act As Secret Agent
John McAfee Says He’s Working On Software That Will Prevent NSA From Spying On Americans
Obama Bill, April 2014, To Launch Worldwide Mark of the Beast Mandatory Microchipping and DHS Fed Database
City Scale Water spraying from skyscrapers would be artificial rain to clean air pollution for mitigating haze in China
Children who watch too much TV may have 'damaged brain structures'
Army Finally Admits “Toxic Leadership” To Blame For Massive Veteran Suicide Epidemic
Scientists build Star Trek-style tricorder that scans for signs of disease
The Human Brain Is A Tangled Clump Of Wires But A New Theory Suggests That's Why We Are So Smart
Officials Are Never Going to Admit Fukushima Radiation Health Risks
Ford Vice President Publicly Admits They Know Everything You Do In Your Car
January 10, 2014
How to open a bottle of wine – without a corkscrew
JPMorgan To Exit Foodstamp, Other Prepaid Cards Business
Father sentenced to 6 months in jail for paying too much child support
How Does Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Wind Up in Organic Meat?
Borrowers Hit Social-Media Hurdles
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