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October 31, 2012
Amtrak Service Restoration Plan - Post Sandy
Amtrak assessing damage from Hurricane Sandy and making Repairs
East Coast starts to recover after Sandy leaves death, destruction in wake, 4M still without power
What Happened to the 50,000 Homeless in NYC During Hurricane Sandy?
October 30, 2012
Sandy unlikely to postpone election
EFF calls Ubuntu Shopping Lens a "major privacy problem"
The Fastest Science Machine In The World
Could the next planetary rover come from Canada?
To Deflect Asteroids From Earth, Deploy Paintballs By The Ton
Study: Shark and human minds share similarities
In Hurricane Sandy's Fury, The Fingerprint Of Climate Change
Shell Seeks to Pay Iran Debt With Grain
Latest Fast and Furious Report Incriminates DOJ
Superstorm Sandy has caused a shortage of gasoline
October 29, 2012
Curiosity on Mars sits on rocks similar to those found in marshes in Mexico
Scientists in sleep-wake tests decode dreams
Mass extinction study provides lessons for modern world
Most U.S. Drones Openly Broadcast Secret Video Feeds
October 28, 2012
NY Gov Shuts Down Mass Transit
10 brands that will disappear in 2013
October 27, 2012
Gun found in hollowed-out book donated to Illinois library
Mental Hospital Voter Sign-Up Questioned (Disability Rights North Carolina)
Mississippi School Charged With Arresting Kids For Flatulence
Watch Hurricane Sandy LIVE From Space Right Now
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