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May 8, 2012
There's not always safety in numbers when it comes to extinction risk
Machine Counterpart: Nature’s New Creatures
Sunscreen ingredient may pose skin cancer risk, researchers find
Taser stun gun linked to heart attacks
May 7, 2012
"Ransomware" Demands Payment for Alleged Copyright Infringement
Self-driving cars set for test drive in Nevada
Sauropod farts warmed the planet
Nanocomposite Cavity Filler Reverses Decay, Killing Bacteria and Regenerating Tooth Structure
Mice That Eat Yogurt Have Larger Testicles
South Korea Targets Smuggled Capsules of Human Flesh
Extraterrestrial find: Arizona grad student discovers strange-looking lava coils on Mars
Did a Copying Mistake Build Man's Brain?
May 5, 2012
Feds Seized Hip-Hop Site for a Year, Waiting for Proof of Infringement
Dying Stars Caught Eating Rocky Alien Planets
Why the 'Supermoon' Will Look Largest Near the Horizon
Summit Could Mean Nazi Germany-Style Security On Trains
Highly religious people are less motivated by compassion than are non-believers
Fracking drives pronghorn herds out of Wyoming habitat
Circuit Court Grants Qualified Immunity to Torture Memos' Author John Yoo
The British Empire - A Lesson In State Terrorism
The Fastest Growing Religion In America Is Islam
There Are 100 Million Working Age Americans That Do Not Have Jobs
Look! Up in the sky! It's Supermoon! Due Saturday
FBI: We need wiretap-ready Web sites - now
May 4, 2012
High-Speed Data Link Made from Laser Pointers Works Where Wi-Fi Won't
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