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August 15, 2014
DOJ Sends ‘Marshals’ To ‘Coach’ The Protesters In Ferguson
Homeland Security Predicts Rise of ‘Anti-Government’ Violence.
Police Warn Citizens to be Careful of what they Tweet!
Fallen Angel, Alien or Anomaly? What was Captured on video from NASA?
Second illegal immigrant wave of 30,000 coming in September, October
Scientist discovers new language spoken by plants
August 13, 2014
GOP governor begs wrong group of Satanists to cancel Oklahoma City ‘black mass’
August 12, 2014
Google And Asian Telecoms Are Building A $300 Million Undersea Cable Connecting The US To Japan
The Fate Of America's Dying Supercenters
Why Ebola Isn't A 'Global Health Emergency'?At Least Not In The Way You Might Think
Scientists Turn Cigarette Butts Into Electrical Storage
How Two Americans Got An Untested Ebola Treatment
6 Weird Ways To Hunt For Aliens
August 11, 2014
Fox News star warns: 'They are coming for us'
North Carolina woman finds swastika written in butter on McDonald’s chicken sandwich
August 10, 2014
CNN's Bill Weir F-bombed Fox News over its climate-change ignorance
Here’s Why Those Creepy Walmart Ice Cream Sandwiches Don’t Melt
U.S. hospitals not ready for Ebola outbreak
Man uses his cat to map which neighbors have Wi-Fi networks he can easily hack
Two Republican Leaders Make the Same Dire Prediction: The Caliphate Is Coming to America
Map of US Shows How Your State’s Internet Speed Stacks Up Against the Rest - Sure looks like some funny business is going on
Obama seeks to appease pagan gods
Federal Bake Sale Ban Set to Hit Schools This Fall
Got medical debt? Your FICO credit score may go up
Human Depopulation is the Real Agenda
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