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August 7, 2016
Fed and State Raid on Hillary For President Campaign Offices????
LEAKED: Hillary’s Private Meetings With Muslim Brotherhood Officials Secretly Recorded
Hillary’s SuperPAC of “Online Trolls” VS. Trump’s LOYAL TwitterArmy
Fox News` dumbest anchor had a ragegasm all over twitter last night.
WikiLeaks: Emails From Hillary’s Server Expose Criminal Clinton Foundation
August 6, 2016
Is Creating “Superhumans” the Next Arms Race?
UN Backs Secret Federalization of US Police
Copyright Office to FCC: Hollywood should be able to killswitch your TV
Planned Government Use of Facial-Recognition Drones in U.S. Raises Privacy Concerns
CIA: Secretive agency used drugs, guns and mind control in top-secret project.
Prescription Drugs Are Killing Us – Meet One Of The Doctors Who Just Published A Paper About It
Multiple Studies Confirm People Who Swear Often, Stay Up Late, and are Messy — Have High IQ’s
Clinton Campaigners Use Pokemon Go to Literally "Lure" Voters
More Than 1,000 U.S. Spies Protecting Rio Olympics
This Company Has Built a Profile on Every American Adult
72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Government Documents
Hillary Clinton: 'Raise taxes on the middle class!' --- and then watch crowd CHEER. Insane
OBAMA TO ALLOW U.N. TO STOP U.S. NUKE TESTS Plans to bypass Congress for resolution on nuclear testing
Obama wants to cede US sovereignty to the United Nations.
7-second video: US State Department bursts-out laughing at idea they communicate for ‘transparency and democracy.’
People think the Olympics opening ceremony looked a bit like a giant vagina
Before America Wanted to Eradicate Them, the U.S. Military was Weaponizing the Zika Mosquito
WIKILEAKS – Hillary Supplied Cash, Weapons & Tanks to Al-Qaeda to Kill Gaddafi & Ship Weapons for Terror
Meet IDI: The Company That Has "Weaponized" Profiles On Every American Adult
Food-stamp enrollment plumets when work required
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