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February 10, 2015
Facebook can identify your face from any image with Deep Face
February 9, 2015
DisclosureGate: Former Congress members bribed over Cheney’s secret Mars program
U.S. Media Blackout: Italian Courts Rule Vaccines Cause Autism
Freudian slip? CNN says Obama considers arming pro-US troops...in Ukraine
February 5, 2015
Shocking Facts About America's For-Profit Prison Industry
CDC vaccine whistleblower given immunity to testify
Big Pharma’s Corporate Crimes and Fines: How Can They Get Away With It?
Chemtrail Source Material Finally Unveiled
White House Unaware That 6 Million Americans Will Pay Obamacare Tax This Year
Is the FAA Now Licensing Firms to Mine – the Moon?
The Push for ‘Convention of States’ to Throttle Obama
FCC Chief Proposes Stricter Net Neutrality Rules For Broadband
New Fungal Species Found In Salami Delightfully Named 'Penicillium Salamii'
C-Fu: The Tofu Made Of 100 Percent Mealworm Protein
TSA Will Require Biometric ID For Air Travel in 2016
Monkey Mustaches and Beards Help Algorithm Recognize Faces
Insurance to be canceled over 'Christ' on car
February 4, 2015
Scientists claim eternal life could be achieved by lengthening chromosomes
China crackdown on Internet; Bloggers to be Communist certified
IRS Warns Of Delayed Refunds, Long Waits For Taxpayers & Possible Shutdown
DNA Privacy Bill Targets Massive State Biobank Holding 16 Million Samples
February 1, 2015
Wife, daughter and writer of controversial FEMA camp movie ‘Gray State’ dead in ‘murder-suicide’
Get your loved ones off Facebook
ICE: We Have ‘Special Housing Unit’ in L.A. For ‘Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Detainees’
3D Printed Invisibility Cloaks Now Shields People from Sight
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