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May 15, 2016
Are 97 of the nation's 100 poorest counties in red states?
Your Facebook profile says a lot about you, maybe a little too much. These are the things you should remove immediately for a handful of reasons
May 14, 2016
NWO Plans To Kill Billions of People + ILLUMINATI 2016
May 13, 2016
A federal judge ruled today that the Obama administration has been implementing Obamacare illegally.
May 11, 2016
Forgotten Mayan city 'discovered' in Central America by 15-year-old
School personnel are instructed to no longer call boys and girls "boys and girls."
Toward 'perfect' quantum metamaterial: Study uses trapped atoms in an artificial crystal of light
10 Alleged Discoveries That Suggest Giants Existed
Temporary Tattoo Could Replace Your Credit Card
Government Insider insist there is a “UFO Cover-Up” Happening
Tiny Implant In Forehead Eliminates Migraine Headaches
Americans Prepping for Doomsday
Oxygen Detected In Martian Atmosphere
Illegals Dwarf American Households in Welfare: "Obama Seeking $17K For Every Illegal Minor**QQ*
People with high IQs really DO see the world differently: Researchers find they process sensory info
New Jersey hospital opting for holistic treatment in the emergency room instead of using deadly, addictive opiods
Google Searches for “Chemtrails” Skyrocketed Last Month, Highest Ever
Should You Be Scared of Gold Confiscation?
Survival Communications After a Collapse: “Pringles Can And Broadband Routers Could Create a WiFi Network”
New KFC Restaurant Run Entirely by Robots
New $200 Shock Bracelet Zaps Away Bad Habits
FBI Seeks To Keep Its Nationwide Biometric Database A Secret From Citizens
George W. Bush Skull And Bones Secrets Made Public
FBI documents reveal heavy surveillance of broadcaster William Cooper (Behold A Pale Horse)
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