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December 27, 2014
India Becoming Third Largest World Economy
North Korea Blames U.S. For Internet Outage, Calls Obama A “Monkey”
Japanese economy begins to implode
Pharmaceutical employees arrested after causing 64 deaths with drug tainted with fungal meningitis
New research shows that paying that much for a buffet might actually make the food taste better
December 26, 2014
10 Weirdest Things Pulled Out Of People’s Butts
Show How Much You Care with a Flu Shot Gift Card!
Cops Can Use Fake Facebook Accounts To Lure Suspects, Says Judge
Half of All Children Will Be Autistic by 2025, Warns Senior Research Scientist at MIT
Google Wants to Spy on You in Your Car. Automakers Balk, Already Spying on You
The Militarization of Police in America: ''Active Shooter Training'' Now Massively Federalized
Need to Know Basis: You Only Know What the TV Wants You to Know
Obama Urges Congress To Renew Push For ''CISPA-style'' Internet Laws After Sony Hack
“Chemtrails” Exposed – Global Geoengineering PsyOps Documented
Rust Contaminated Vaccines, Worldwide Recall
Gun Control PSA Tells Kids to Steal Parents’ Guns, Turn Them in at School
Scientists zero in on how lung cancer spreads
Scientists inject human brain cells into mice, making them ‘significantly smarter’
NASA wants to build a floating city above Venus
December 21, 2014
Man Spends $150K on Plastic Surgery to Look Like Kim Kardashian
For the end of 2014 on GLP
The Most Dangerous Nuclear Threat No One Is Talking About
D.C. has passed sea level rise ‘tipping point,’ more cities to follow
Russia plotting to start war on Israel
Active Sun Unleashes Massive Solar Flare
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