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November 6, 2015
‘Eating Healthy’ Is Now A Mental Disorder According To Officials.... “orthorexia nervosa"
Human Skeletons Found Beneath Washington Square Park, NYC These may be some of the oldest inhabitants in the whole city.
Many believe that project blue beam is a program developed by NASA to simulate a fake UFO event or the second coming of Christ.
US braces for ‘extreme weather event’ from space that could result in $2 trillion in damages
Could Time Travel become Reality? Physicists Sending Quantum Light Particles Into Past
George Soros letter reveals globalist plan
Scientist May Have Discovered Alternate Universes
White House Preparing for catastrophic solar flares which could wipe out power around the world for months
‘Zombie’ disease makes people think they have died
The Church Has Sold Its Soul to Be Relevant
One World Religion Being Promoted?
Secession Is Our Only Hope
Reporter: All News Is Fake, Controlled By Government And Intelligence Agencies
United Nations conference on the New World Order United Nations Conference To Discuss Plans For New World Order
‘Lady Gaga’ Tells Truth About The Music Industry
Miracle Village: A Secret & Secluded Town for Sex Offenders in Florida
The Chinese Clock Does Not Make Mistakes – Discover Which Organ In Your Body Does Not Work Well
Law Enforcement Can Use Google Timeline To Track Your Every Move
November 5, 2015
NASA announces new key findings on Mars’ atmosphere
Obama turned on American police officers when he blamed them for the violent race riots spreading throughout the country,
UFO Drone On Mars May Prove Ancient Civilisation Once Lived There
There Are 9 Types Of Intelligence. Which Kind Do You Have?
The United States electrical grid is in danger of a catastrophic collapse
Scientists: Second, Secret DNA Code Which Controls Genes
Jupiter kicked a giant planet out of the solar system 4 billion years ago
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