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April 12, 2016
New Martian Gravity Map Shows Strange Interior In Mars
April 11, 2016
Nibiru, Wormwood, Latest Photos 2016 Best to Date Planet X, Red Kachina w/ researcher Steve Olson
Ex NASA Scientist talks Planet 9 and Mayan Calendar 2016
Former NASA Scientist on 2016 Geomagnetic Reversal & 2 Month Period of Rapid Shift
Russia News : Two Suns. Planet X Is Coming in 2016
April 10, 2016
Globalist ban on $100 bill next step to cashless society
FBI Warns Of Cyber Attack On Power Grid
‘Sesame Street’ Unveils Hijab-Clad Muppet
Welcome To Smart Neighborhood Watch 2025
The melting of Greenland and Antarctica isn’t just raising seas — it’s changing the Earth’s rotation
Next month Mercury will pass in front of the sun in a rare event
Scientists Set To Drill Into Extinction-Event Crater In Mexico
‘Half of Americans Will Probably Have a Robot in Their House’ Within 5 Years
Is There A New World Order Game Plan?
NH House Becomes First in US to Pass Bill to Inform Jurors of Right to Deem Government Unjust
The New Preschool System is Crushing Kids and Making Them Hate Learning
Millionaires Fearing Civil Unrest Are Fleeing Chicago By The Thousands
DARPA Wants EEG Brain Readers in Every Classroom in America
Here Is Rothschild's Primer How To Launder Money In U.S. Real Estate And Avoid "Blacklists"
Black Activists Heckle, Turn On Bill Clinton; Accuse Him Of "Destroying Their Communities"
The world’s first robot lawyer
European Banks Crash For 4th Straight Week
Japan: Fingerprints to Be Tested as ‘currency’
Ron Paul Warns "The Conflict Between Government & Liberty Is At A Boiling Point"
Noise machine used to block reporters from hearing Clinton speech
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