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August 6, 2014
CDC’s National Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System is spying on kids & parents
‘Nightmare bacteria’ spreading rapidly in Southeastern US
U.S. to launch early Ebola vaccine trial in September
‘Glitch’ Halts All ATM & Online Operations For World’s 2nd Largest Bank
Christians ordered to stop praying inside mall In Georgia
CDC Getting Dozens Of Calls ‘About People Who Are Sick After Traveling In Africa’
More than 1 million people are listed in U.S. terrorism database
World Health Organization urged to allow experimental drugs to treat Ebola
MSNBC Reporter Accidentally Claims Obama ‘Is From Kenya’
Has New York Been Preparing for a Mass Casualty Event?
Connecticut Supreme Court Says State Cops Can Detain You Simply For Being In The Vicinity Of Someone They're Arresting
US Supreme Court To Rule On Cops Who Get Law Wrong
Voter Confronts Obama Supporting Democrat Rep.
Caught on video: Ebola vaccine researcher jokes about using genetically engineered virus to cull the human population, killing nearly 2 bil ppl
August 5, 2014
Doctors Begin To Refuse Obamacare Patients
Archaeologists piece together evidence of bloody apocalypse in 12th century America
NBC News crew threatened with arrest for filming a FEMA camp? You will be stunned by what the officer says to the reporter
Nebraska Denies Woman Driver’s License Because She’s Married To Another Woman
August 4, 2014
Woman Gets Denied Passport Because Her Middle Names Infringes On Trademark
Disabled Serial Plaintiff Who Allegedly Cost Taxpayers Over 200K Deported To Mexico
'End is near': Radio star issues dire warning
Scientists reconstruct speech through soundproof glass by watching a bag of potato chips
August 3, 2014
Wheat Madness ? Is This Popular Grain Provoking Mental Illness?
Ebola outbreak: Western drugs firms have not tried to find vaccine ‘because virus only affects Africans’
Ohio National Guard activated for water emergency
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