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October 31, 2015
Government Warns Pumpkins and Jack-o'-Lanterns Cause Global Warming
Pepsi Admits That Its Aquafina Bottled Water Is Just Tap Water, Coca-Cola’s Dasani Is Next
October 30, 2015
The Church of Scientology Could Reportedly Be Banned From the Entire Country of Belgium
Hundreds of Refugees Vanish Without a Trace in Germany
Rare Flower Bloom Makes One of World’s Driest Desert Come to Life
Huge Crack in the Earth Opens Up East of Yellowstone Caldera by Big Horn Mountains
Number Of College Students Approve Of “Speech Limits”, Claim Constitution does not protect ‘hate’
Solar storms could be more powerful than previously assumed, technology at risk
Seismic Station in Alaska Records a Disturbance That Wasn’t an Earthquake: ‘Something Big Moving Out There’
UN Official Warns Of ‘Amputation’ Of Christianity’s DNA In The Middle East
Now a 'bear' has been spotted on Mars
October 28, 2015
Obama in secret pact with world’s largest Muslim country
Halo, the $330 million airship of future...
Wi-Fi device can see through walls...
Hollywood Moves Back to Demonic Possession Stories...
GORE: 'Global warming' making people dumber...
HOUSE OF HORRORS: Massive Debt, Budget Deal Introduced In Dead of Night...
Highly Classified Military Blimp Disappears! F16’s Scramble to Locate It!
Record number of Americans renounce citizenship
Big Pharma published fraudulent study to sell deadly psych drugs to young children
U.S. Senate Reports that Chemtrails are Real and Are Killing Us! Who’s a “Conspiracy Theorist” Now?
October 27, 2015
This Guy Just Explained Government Absolutely Perfectly With Monkeys
GOP, Democrats, Obama Reach 2-Year Budget Deal To Prevent Shutdown
Students In California School District Now Guaranteed ‘C’ Grades For DOING NOTHING
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