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Subject Victims and "Victimhood"
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Original Message The population is programmed to believe that victim is a negative word where the victim created being a victim. This is disinformation. Coincidentally, the only people who believe this are non-victims or people with only minor problems.

Victims are not at fault at all. Victims arent weak, they fight hard and try their 100% best. They work harder than non-victim lucky people. The goal of a victim is to 100% remove all suffering and repair all damage as instantly as possible.

Whats different about this post is that its True-Light instead of False-Light Darkness. When you see a New Age Channeler or any other kind of person say the opposite of this post, its a form of negative psyops disinformation. They like to maximize pain and suffering while pretending they are trying to help you. Its programmed in the matrix this way. They are malevolent.

When a person who believes victims are self-created then becomes a victim themselves, then tries super ultra hard to recover year after year without results, they then say the following:

"oh you were right, it was disinformation that victims choose to be victims. when i said they choose it rather than try ultra hard and sometimes failed, i was wrong. I now understand this, i know see how evil that was to say"

"i see now how its a psyops trick to distract from increasing wellbeing and healing, by using the distraction of blame which doesnt exist in any basis. OMG, i feel very ashamed."

"Victimhood" doesnt actually exist its a disinfo term.
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