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Subject A bad dream, remember through the ages.
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Original Message Once upon a time.

I was dreaming. It was a lucid dream and I had no idea what was going on. It was in some futuristic time, with strange smooth silver skyscapers and flying ships with brilliant, powerful technology, it was a marvel to behold in amazement and wonder.

It was a great world, one I would have looked forward to.

But there was a problem. At first, I didn't recognize the danger. I didn't see the signs. But slowly, I realized the screams, the terror in the faces of those running by me. The shouts of children, calling for their parents. The calls of men, leading their families to shelter.
And then I hear the siren. The alarm that was closer to a Tornado alarm than anything else.

I heard a man yell, "We must get off the planet, get to the ships!" and all of a sudden I knew where I was. The building, with large windows and a glass-roof was a spaceport. A large landing structure much like today's airports, but for spacecraft. And the people running by me were terrified at the coming horrors of war.

Seconds flew by, minutes, maybe an hour. I watched the city delve deeper into panic as people boarded what looked more like legless beetles than aircraft, I watched them push and shove and try to get their own place aboard the ships that would take them to the stars.

"Why?" I asked with a choked voice. I wanted to know why these people would leave such a beautiful city, such a product of great technology and prosperity. I wanted to understand. And then it hit me. I added it up, and the fear overtook me.

I looked up, as dusk swept over the city, and the sun in the distance slowly faded to a dark red.

And then the sky lit up. Large, tear drops of green filled the sky, moving from the ground up, like fireworks. But their purpose was not for entertainment, but for defense. And they started falling. At first I thought the stars themselves were falling from the sky, and I noticed the difference in color. An evil orange, that permeated the sky.

*Crack* *Crack* *Boom*, the building shook and the people screamed. The light blinded into darkness and the orange rods fell into the city with thunderous claps.

"Why is this happening!?" I yelled in my confused state, "Why would anyone destroy such a grand world?"
And the man next to me, without turning towards me and without any emotion in his voice answered, "It's the human way. They are destined for war, or else they kill themselves with laws and rules. And if they wait too long, they will receive war, whether they like it or not."

I stared at him, and pleaded for him to help me understand, "Soon your world will look like this, the pattern will be complete. This is your destiny. Some small details change, but history will always remain the same. The proof shall show itself soon enough."
He nodded his head in my direction and walked into the crowd behind me.
Seconds later, a man ran up and handed me some kind of weapon, which looked totally strange to me, even though I knew how to operate it. As though I had no control over my body, I pushed through the crowd to the entrance and wiggled out between the bodies. There were men near the base of the structure, with weapons similar to my own, wearing what could only be described as body armor closer to that of an NBC Suit than any combat uniform today. I raised my gun and peered at them through the sight and witnessed their intents unfold, they fired at the people attempting to flee to safety, killing women and children without a second of remorse, or a moment's hesitation. I fired my weapon back, and a blue bolt leapt forward from the gun's tip into the ground next to one of the men, clad in armor from head to toe the terror before me pointed his weapon at my head, and he returned his own.

I was hit, in the left leg. The pain was severe, and it washed over my body. A man dragged me into an alley, how he had saved me I do not know. A vechicle resembling a bus drove by and the person screamed into my ear, "Sir, we have to get moving!" I looked up to see a teenager, frightened and sweating with a look of shear terror eched across his face, "Can you move?" he screamed, "can you get up?" He helped onto my feet, as the armored men charged into the alley and once again fired their orange rounds towards me. I jumped behind a nearby crate or dumpster of some kind, large enough to block these odd bullets from causing even more of that same terrible pain. I looked at my leg where what seemed to a charred chunk of my leg had been torn off, it was painful to look at, but it did not bleed. I rose my gun and pointed the nose around the corner and pulled off a few shots.

I heard a scream, and looked at the opposite end of the alleyway. Whatever I had seen scared me out of there.

I awoke in a puddle of sweat, and a massive bruise on my left leg. The shape was the exact same as the wound left by the weapon that had grazed me.
The dream has haunted me to this day, and it has been 6 years. If anyone has had a similar dream, please share it.

I've never been a good writer, but I think I got a good portion of the dream across without making a feature film on it.[/i]
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