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Subject Playstation Now Prohibits SHIT TALK .......... WTF ????
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Original Message Yep its true Sony Playstation now is taking all the fun out of online play. Their new policy is in everyones email account that their account is thru. No more calling out "Fucking campin Bitches" on Call of Duty MW2.............who the fuck wants to play now??? The shit talk was most of the fun!!!! Im not a big gamer but my husband is and he plays adult games, that are labled MATURE I think it is unfair to punish adults playing adult games with adult talk and adult scenes. This is a load od shit if you ask me. Now every lil crybaby who gets their ass beat by the big boys can now just go cry to playstation and band your account. I think its fucked up how you can blow off someones head but dont dare call them a FAG while you do it. GTA 5 you can pick up hookers and get any sexual favor on the list. You can fuck your girl friends and watch strippers but dont dare call someone a bitch bye bye online.

Here is the new policy link that is in playstation users email.

[link to us.playstation.com]

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