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Subject RECESSION PROOF GLP: Food after DOOM - how to scrounge and enjoy eating it
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Original Message *Edited to add 'RECESSION PROOF GLP' to the subject so this will be sent to the proper section. Thanks Mods! :)

Looking for people's input on food that you might not be eating NOW, but may someday choose to eat to survive.

Some of the following foods may not sound appealing right now, but given the choice between eating and starving, and if you have a choice of items, it's nice to know which foods are actually somewhat tasty, and which are for a last resort.

Here are a few possibly unusual items that are not only edible but also can taste pretty good.


Pigeon, duck, goose, crow, turkey etc. Remove all feathers quickly by simply skinning the animal (rather than plucking), and cook thoroughly like chicken. Some birds have very little meat except on the breasts; most (except turkey and game hens) are only dark meat. Also scavenge for eggs.

Rabbit - "tastes like chicken." Eats plants. Does not have much fat at all, and you cannot live off rabbit alone without supplementing additional fat. "White" meat, high in protein. Great cooked any way chicken can be cooked.

Squirrel - eats nuts and plants, supposedly tastes like chicken, but can be stringy in texture. Again not much fat. Cook like chicken.

Rats and mice - sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures, but make sure the meat is well-done. Be careful to avoid fleas which may carry diseases like plague.

Beaver - very tasty, eat roots and grasses. The meat is sweetish, and the texture is sort of like beef, though the grain is unusual. The tail is quite fatty and better saved for soapmaking or lard. Wonderful soaked in salt water and then grilled. Works good cut into smaller pieces and cooked like beef.

Muskrat and nutria, woodchucks - supposedly even tastier than beaver, again they eat roots and grasses.

Raccoon - can go either way. Some feel it's a delicacy and some abhor it. Meat flavor depends on the animal's diet, and racoons are known scavengers - so if it's eaten mostly corn, should be tasty like pork. Cook thoroughly. If it's been eating garbage and carrion, it will not be tasty, but may be better than nothing.

Cat or dog - if worse comes to worst, while you may not be able to face eating your own family pet, there may be a few strays that could fill the crock pot. Cat has more protein than dog, but is a rather stringy meat, and is best served ground up and made into patties. Dog meat should be served more like beef.

Horse is a popular dish in many countries, and can be served just like beef.

Venison, bison, sheep, goats, llamas, wild hogs, cattle - whatever animal you find on the loose is "fair game" and should be considered.

Fish, shellfish, crayfish, etc. as available also a great source of protein.

Who wants to tackle bugs and plants? Please feel free to add additional input!
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