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Subject Scrump's Newsletter 5/10 *Beware The American Dictatorship... YOU are the Enemy*
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Original Message Scrump's Newsletter 5/10 *Beware The American Dictatorship... YOU are the Enemy*

Over the last decade or so, we've been told that we've a GRAVE threat from 'Terrorists'..


I will NOT discount the very real & immediate threat to the United States & the rest of the Free & coherent World from Radical Islam.. that's not the issue at-hand.

It's DC, itself.

That threat (Radical Islam) exists, but its earned marker-phrase (terrorist/terrorism) has been hijacked....

I will attempt to disclose a bit of programming here.. who are you supposed to Hate?

Your Neighbor, of course.

We won't check out those who we blame for 9/11... the advertised 'reason' for our exponentially-increasing Police State... they get a pass from the very measures put in-place to 'protect us' from "them"...

Only Islamists Exempt From The Full Body Scanner

[link to aconservativeedge.com]

[link to www.humanevents.com]

...and from every other form of Tyranny foisted upon US, right here at Home:

Muslims Exempt From Obamacare

[link to libertyandpride.com]

THEY are not the Enemy of America.. apparently.

Those who voice daily (and act-upon) their desire for our destruction matter not.

The Enemies of America are only Americans.

Please Pay Attention & discern for yourself the Signs of the Times...

This is not a drill.


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Joe Lieberman Means You

May 5 2010, 3:25 PM ET

Joe Lieberman's latest exercise in demagoguery -- his plan to strip citizenship rights from Americans allegedly involved in terrorism -- has been quickly and incisively condemned (as "madness" by Andrew Sullivan, among others)...

...it seems likely to garner support from a majority or substantial minority of Americans who will assume that they won't be victimized by it -- that it will only target other people, namely presumptively guilty terrorists.

In fact, Lieberman's proposal, combined with an obscure network of federal laws enabling the executive branch to designate individuals and groups as terrorists, with no due process, would put millions of innocent Americans at risk of arbitrarily losing their citizenship.

When you think about Lieberman's proposal, think about the no-fly list and other voluminous, notoriously inaccurate watch-lists compiled by the government since 9/11. How do you get on these lists? You might have the misfortune to share a name with a suspected terrorist or you might engage in an entirely innocent, trivial financial transaction with someone else whose name appears, rightly or wrongly, on a list.

As I noted several years ago, most Americans probably don't know that every time they buy a pretzel on the street, tip a waiter, or hire anyone to contract for any personal or professional service, they might be in danger of violating federal blacklisting law.

By statute and an Executive Order issued shortly after 9/11, all U.S. persons (including all individuals, businesses, and charities,) are prohibited from engaging in economic transactions with anyone named on extensive terrorist watch lists.

A 2007 report by the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, (detailing "how the watch list ensnares everyday consumers") observes, "Theoretically, before a grocer sells a pint of milk, a deli serves a sandwich, or a doctor treats a patient, they should all be checking the [Treasury] list to make sure they are not assisting a person on the list ...[The Executive Order 13224] extended liability to hair stylists, flower peddlers, hot dog vendors, or any Jane Doe who unwittingly sold a product or service to a designated person." (It is a tribute to the effectiveness of the gun rights lobby and the idiocies of counter-terror measures that, as I noted here, being named on a watch list will not bar you from buying a gun.)

How will these laws interact with Lieberman's plan? Pay close attention to his language. He doesn't just want to strip convicted terrorists of their citizenship. He is wants to strip citizenship rights from all Americans who "choose to become affiliated with foreign terrorist organizations," and that may mean Americans like you. Again, under federal law, the "choice" to affiliate or associate with terrorism may be an innocent, unknowing financial sale or purchase, or it may simply entail making a charitable donation for humanitarian purposes to a group that the executive branch suspects of terrorism.

The Supreme Court will soon decide the outer limits of government power to tar and target people arbitrarily for suspected associations or (in Lieberman terms) "affiliations" with terrorists. It recently heard arguments in Holder v Humanitarian Law Project, a very important case brought by the Center for Constitutional Rights, involving a challenge to federal prohibitions on lending "material support" to groups suspected of terrorism. (The case has a lengthy and complicated litigation history dating back to the late 1990s.)

As attorney David Cole has stressed, "This statute is so sweeping that it treats human rights advocates as criminal terrorists, and threatens them with 15 years in prison for advocating nonviolent means to resolve disputes." If Joe Lieberman and his colleagues (like John McCain and maybe Chuck Schumer) have their way, human rights advocates and millions of other Americans, like you, could be threatened with loss of citizenship too.

[link to www.theatlantic.com]


-Combine this w/ these-


Americans can now be tried by the International Criminal Court

[link to blogs.telegraph.co.uk]


Secret State Police Report: Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, Libertarians are Terrorists (MIAC Report)

[link to www.infowars.com]

Obama proposes Indefinite Preventive Detention without trial

Obama proposed a new system of Indefinite Preventive Detention yesterday in his National Security speech that is stunning in its illegality.

Obama is proposing we keep people locked up not for the crimes they have committed and we prove they committed in a court of law, but on the chance that they might commit crimes in the future. There will be no trial, for no crime exists to be charged.

There is only the nebulous threat of "future acts" to justify depriving people of their liberty potentially indefinitely.

Is this justice?

Imagine you are picked up off the street for daring to write something provocative in your blog.

Perhaps you vaguely threaten to relocate to Afghanistan and work with a humanitarian aid organization there. Unknown to you the humanitarian aid organization might possibly be associated with the Afghan resistence. Perhaps the head of the aid organization is the third cousin twice removed of a suspected warlord causing our march for empire trouble on the border. Based on that alone you could be kept in a cell forever. After all, letting you out of that cell might mean you really would do what you threatened and we can't have that.

Don't think it couldn't happen.

[link to open.salon.com]

The only Maddow I've ever posted (or most likely will).. relevant.

Rachel Maddow: Indefinite detention? Shame on you... President Obama


Obama gives Interpol free hand in U.S.


"...There are multiple reasons why this Obama decision is so deeply disturbing.

First, the Obama order reverses a 1983 Reagan administration decision in order to grant Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization, two key privileges. First, Obama has granted Interpol the ability to operate within the territorial limits of the United States without being subject to the same constitutional restraints that apply to all domestic law enforcement agencies such as the FBI.

Second, Obama has exempted Interpol's domestic facilities -- including its office within the U.S. Department of Justice -- from search and seizure by U.S. authorities and from disclosure of archived documents in response to Freedom of Information Act requests filed by U.S. citizens.

Think very carefully about what you just read: Obama has given an international law enforcement organization that is accountable to no other national authority the ability to operate as it pleases within our own borders, and he has freed it from the most basic measure of official transparency and accountability, the FOIA..."

[link to www.washingtonexaminer.com]

And.. [link to pajamasmedia.com]

And.. [link to libertypundits.net]

And.. [link to corner.nationalreview.com]

And so many supporting statements from 'Administration Officials' Ad Nauseum (One example... [link to www.dailypaul.com] )

Do you detect a pattern???

YOU are the Enemy of America, American.

Understand that what you see on Television & from the mouths & actions of our 'leaders' are not just empty words... they're more than 'sound bites' for you to disregard immediately...

They are telegraphing their punches.



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God Bless You.

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