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Subject Life should not be a mistery
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Original Message it's very simple actually: you need energy to accomplish things

energy is the absolute variable of the universe. everything is a matter of energy (matter = energy). energy comes in multiple forms. sound, matter, feelings, emotions, thought -- everything is energy. the power difference between individuals has to do with the amount of energy they can control and summon at once. I say at once, because, for exmaple, a rich man with a fat belly may have a lot of energy (money) stored in a bank in Switzerland, but does he have the capacity to control all that energy stored several miles away from him? on the other hand, an athlete may be broke but he has a lot of stored energy in his body, and he can summon all of it with much more ease than the rich man. So, in a metaphysical sense, it is very relative finding out who has more energy. we only find it out for sure in very intense situations.

As I was saying, there is always a need for more energy. for example,

if you need to get up earlier in the morning, you need more energy. if you cannot get up, you need more energy to convince yourself that you have to get up earlier in the morning. if you cannot even begin to think about convincing yourself, you need more energy to trigger the thinking process. if you cannot even begin thinking about anything, you need to cultivate your energy on several levels (physical ,mental, spiritual) as soon as possible.

then comes the question, "how do I increase my energy"? What? Did not you listen to me? You need ENERGY for that too; you need energy to figure out a way to increase your energy. Yes, this seem like a closed loop that allows no extra energy in (a closed system -- deterministic view of the universe) but that is where the factor of free will and consciousness enters. A self-conscious individual is a god in his own right because he can break this loop that admits no spontaneous creation of energy and actually create energy from virtually nothing. Alesteir Crowley refers to this as the "True Will" or Thelema. It's magic indeed, and it is the only way to increase your energy, otherwise you fall in that same old loop again:

"you have to do it Maria."

"but how do I do it?"

"you need more energy to figure out how to do it."

"but how do I do it?"

"you need more energy to figure out how to do it."

"but how do I do it?"

*infinite loop*

Thus, notice that all this talk about doing things is useless. All that you have to do is gather enough energy and act. Things only happen when there is activity (energy in motion). Talking and thinking are also activities, but very low-level ones since they don't get a lot done by themselves.

Energetics and Systems Theory are perhaps the most low-level (fundamental) of sciences. All sciences are energy sciences, and the best way to study energy is by the systemic model. Notice that neither energetics nor systems theory are part of the general curriculum of schools and universities. This is because these two fields are dealing with the foundations of reality. Knowledge is power (energy), and with this kind of knowledge you are able to manipulate reality on a fundamental level. The elite are proficient in this area and that is why they can control and store human energy as well as predict the behavior of social systems with computer-programming simplicity. This is called social engineering and involves -- no shit sherlock -- systems theory and energetics.

Energy is recognized as the key to all activity on earth. Natural science is the study of the sources and control of natural energy, and social science, theoretically expressed as economics, is the study of the sources and control of social energy. Both are bookkeeping systems; mathematics. Therefore, mathematics is the primary energy science. And the bookkeeper can be king if the public can be kept ignorant of the methodology of the bookkeeping.
 Quoting: [link to www.theforbiddenknowledge.com]

Thank you for reading.
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