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Original Message It is pretty radically bad, that much has become fairly clear. Current underground conversations are converging on fairly large estimates of flow from this Oil Volcano. We may have a Exxon-Valdez spill each and every day going on.

But this is not just tanker oil. This is a hot geyser of natural gas and a whole complex of 200+ hydrocarbons with a lot of light factions (more fluid, more gaseous) flowing out a river of highly toxic chemicals and fumes which are killing everything in its path in a 'bathtub". The Gulf is basically enclosed for the most part and the materials in the lower depths will swirl around and around for a long long time. BP may be laying a gigantic petro Turd which is solidifying and may hang in the Gulf for a very long time.

Imagine going to a concert and some one comes in on stage a lays a turd on stage. Then the audience quickly discover that a turd is under everyone's seat. That is kind of like the situation into which we have suddenly awakened.

At the same time, the Gulf is warming up from the Oil Volcano and the oil with radically reduce the reflectivity of the water which will cause the Gulf to absorb a lot more heat from the Summer Sun. This will serve to rise up a major pillar of oil fumes and water vapor over the Gulf at the front end of hurricane season. This pillar will draw Atlantic tropical storm fronts like a bee to honey. La Nina in the Pacific will strengthen the potential for hurricane formation in the Gulf.

Take a Katrina hurricane, heck even a lot weaker one, barreling into the Gulf. It will pick up the sheen, goo, toxic chemicals, gases, the dissolved methane in the water, and all, maybe some dead fishermen as well, and mix it well with huge amounts of water and broadcast it as a driving shit storm up the central U.S., to even as far as Ohio and Pennsylvania, coating many a city with brown goo. The next hurricane could come barreling into the Gulf through western Cuba and turn on a dime under the influence of the hot oil slicks to hit northern Florida before barreling up the Atlantic seaboard to paint old Dixie brown. If we are really unlucky with a vigorous hurricane season this year, the same will happen to Texas and perhaps the northern Gulf coast a couple more times before the end of the year. Or think about the slick moving up the Gulf Stream and a tropical storm front pushing it onto the Carolinas, Virginia, heck, even Maine.
And, the beaches and fisheries of Europe could eventually be faced with warding off this noxious mess.Through all of this, A HUGE PORTION OF THE HEAVIER PORTION IS LIKELY TO REMAIN NEAR THE BOTTOM FOR A LONG TIME...constantly seeping out contamination into what were once the most fertile fisheries in the Western Hemisphere.

At the moment BP appears to have its eyes fixed on drilling a hole into the hole from well over ten thousand feet way, hoping to hit the hole and then force in enough concrete and other fillers to seal the hole. All this blind with robotic derring-do to hit a virtual straw from well over two miles away. . Anybody want to take the bet? If so, I have serious money for the don't come line.

Others have suggested taking a nuclear bomb and blowing the hole up. The hope is to cause it to collapse somewhat and heave so much bottom material over the top of the hole that it gets sealed up. Since the rock will become so pulverized and fractured, it is very difficult to "believe" that this will necessarily work. YOU COULD JUST CREATE A BIGGER SEEP COMPLEX which is even harder to plug.

If you haven't watched Disney's classic, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", you really ought to. The Socerer's Apprentice was playing with powers far beyond his ken and everything he did to stop the actions he had initiated only made the situation worse.

In the end, we have not a clue how or when this problem gets solved.

The capping is not likely to happen before August, which is plenty of time for a couple of hurricanes. Pray, pray, pray, for a long delayed season. (sing this to the tune of Magic Man)

Meanwhile the seep of poisonous gases through the Gulf make some portions at sea and near the shore line inhabitable for those who enjoy living. Right now! Unless you are wearing a toxic hazmat suit and your own supply of oxygen, you probably should not be around the goo for more than a few minutes.



P.S. BP is playing fast, loose, and aloof on all of this in a state of thinly disguised English stiff upper out-of-touch-lip As is the White House. They all have mechanics who know how to manufacture "gestures". Beyond the posing, I strongly smell people who simply do not understand what is transpiring before their faces. The top dogs are surrounded by a sychophancy who feed them horse shit sandwiches because none of them have enough imagination and knowledge to undertake an aggressive solution. As I keep suggesting, immediately place the USN in charge. It is full of engineering talent and mega-machine capabiltities. Their huge ships can pump enormous volumes of water and they have endless amounts of nuclear energy to accomplish the task. Let them tow in the surplus tanker fleet and fill them with oil.

Good Luck! I am pretty sure you are going to need it.

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