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Subject Theories on the Anunnaki and Pleiadians
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Original Message My system of theories begins with the following idea: the Gods of both the Middle Eastern peoples (Mesopotamian and Levantine) as well as the ancient Aryans, were races of aliens which guided their respective civilizations. The theory is that both pantheons/races began with the same source, which brings us to...

Primal Deities
1. The Supreme/Arta - Cosmic order, Source of all
2. Anu/Shemayim/Welnos/Varuna/Uranus - Starry space
3. Ki/Eretz/Pulthih Mater/Prithvi - Raw matter
4. Nammu/Tehom/Tiamat - Serpent of chaos

The Supreme is the Mind of the Cosmos and the ultimate creator. It is genderless and beyond morality, emotion and human thought. It formed the next three deities who produced the two pantheons of Gods - the Annunaki or Ilu'im, and the Plediadians, who are composed of two races: Ansos and Deiwos.

Anunnaki/Ilu'im/Elohim (Reptilian Gods)
1. Ea/Enki/Yam/YHWH - God of the waters
2. Ninhursag/Atiratu/Asherah - Earth Goddess
3. Enlil/Ilu/El/Allah - Sky God
4. Marduk - Storm God
5. Dumuzi/Adan/Adonis - Fertility God
6. Ninurta/Daignu/Dagon - Fertility God
7. Maw/Mot - Death God
8. Ishkur/Balu-Haddu/Baal-Hadad - Storm God
9. Anat - War Goddess
10. Nab/Nabu - God of Writing
11. Ereshkigal - Goddess of Death
12. Nergal/Malik/Moloch - God of War and Death
13. Nanna/Warikhu/Yarikh - Moon God
14. Inanna/Attartu/Astarte - Goddess of Love and War
15. Utu/Samsu/Shamash - Sun God

Here I have provided the names of the Anunnaki and the corresponding Ilu'im, including Proto-Semitic and Hebraic names. These Reptilian deities ruled the Middle Eastern peoples with an iron fist, and Ea/Yah, Enlil/El/Allah are responsible for the modern Abrahamic religions Christianity and Islam, which are both bent on world domination. The next two races are two groups of Pleiadian/Nordic aliens...
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