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Subject Methadone Clinics
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Original Message I responded to something about Anna Nicole this morning, and it brought this subject to mind...wanted to see if others share my opinion about Methadone Clinics.

I have never personally taken Methadone...but I have known several people thru the years that do.
Here about a year and a half ago, I helped 1 of them "wean themselves" off of the Methadone.

The whole experience, blew my mind!
To see how Methadone Clinics operate...

These places claim to be "Treatment Centers", to help Opiate Addicts .
Well, they are nothing more than controlled drug deaers!
They have 0 interest in ever getting anyone off of Opiates!

My friend had been on Methadone, since he was a teenager...15 years of having to go every day, line up at 6:30 a.m., give them his $13 for his daily dose.
Does that sound like "treatment"?
15 years of it?!!!!

I saw they were only interested in money...the day I saw them make an addict go dope sick 1 day, because he was $.50 shy of having the $13!

When my friend told them he wanted to try and free himself from the grip of the Methadone....they tried to talk him out of it , repeatedly!!!
Instead, they offered to "bump him up" on his dose!!!

When they found out I was helping him kick...they got all down on me.
If they saw me on the premises..the Security Guard would boot me...even for just sitting in the car, waiting for my addict friend to be done.

My friend did manage to come off the stuff, with my help...but it sure was a fight.
The Clinic didn't want to lose the $13 x 365 day a year income they got from him...plus all the extra $ they get charging for "classes", having to "see the DR".

These places are not really set up to help anyone...
If anything, they make them more a slave....making them have to be there every day at a certain time, or they go without.
Methadone is probably more addicting than the Opiates, in the grand scheme of things....and it is more deadly too.
If someone just tries to quit "Cold Turkey"...they can truly die from it.
The Clinic people know this.....but they don't care.
If ya don't have $13 for the day...you go without...even if it means you die!

Before they started booting me off the premises...it was heartbreaking to see...parents bringing their young teens to the place, everyday, for their fix....Mothers with small children, and babies...pregnant women.
I always felt sorry for the kids....what an awful way to grow up...having to be woken up, drug out of the house so early, to stand in line with their parents.... :(

I would NEVER reccomend Methadone as a "treatment" for an Opiate addict.
Better to just wean them off the real Opiates, slowly.

Parents, don't take your kids to these places, thinking they will ever get helped....it's all a lie, just to make money, off of sick people.
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