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Subject To all the christians who claim to have a "relationship" with Jesus...
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Original Message I would like to ask several questions.

Let's look at all the important aspects of a relationship and break them down one by one.


In any good relationship, communication is an important factor, if not the most important factor. If two people cannot communicate clearly, then problems will arise.

For instance, if a husband wants to communicate with his wife, but does it in vague manners, it will strain the relationship.

The husband goes around leaving notes to communicate what he is feeling or wants to do. Also, the husband makes it very hard to communicate by hiding himself from her or at best giving one word responses every now and then to her questions.
The wife has to constantly jump through hoops and mental mind games to try to figure out what her husband wants.

In christianity, you must constantly pray, fast, etc, etc just to get one word or sentence from "god" in your mind, and even then you must decipher whether the thoughts are from you, "god", or "satan".

And to make things even more interesting, apparently god likes to communicate through little signs and you are supposed to decipher what they mean.

Second...Self Esteem

In any good relationship, tearing the person down is never good. If you were constantly told that you were trash, you could do nothing to please your friend or spouse, but that you could only be happy with them in your life, it wouldn't make you feel good about yourself.

It perpetuates an imbalanced relationship.

We always hear of god as a loving father, and that imagine a father who is rejected by his children and his heart breaking. Well by that same token, I can't imagine anyone in this world calling someone a good father if they constantly tell their children that ever since the day they were born, they were bad and evil children, and that "in and of themselves" they could do nothing to please the father.

Not very encouraging is it?


Seeing the person you're in a relationship with is very important as well. It makes the communication a bit easier and things are conveyed better.

Constantly hiding yourself from your relationship would surely harm it.

As a christians I would often here pastors ask us or chastise us of being more in touch with family or other things than god instead of praying more to him.

It hit me that maybe it's so hard for all of us because I can actually see my friend sitting next to me, and when I talk to them, I get direct responses.

They don't play mind games where I have to sit and decipher signs from them, or they don't wait weeks before I get an answer to a question I asked them.


Now touch is a big important factor in a relationship. More so in a romantic one of course, it connects us to that person.

There's nothing like a hug or sitting next to the one you love (even though some people admittedly hate hugging).


This is a big factor. If a husband can't depend on his wife, and vice versa, there is a problem.

For instance, if the family has one car and the wife needs to be taken to work everyday, but the husband only decides to do so sometimes or when he feels like it, there will be problems.

Now we all can't be perfect, but a trend of reliability over the course of a lifetime is what we're looking for.

In christianity, you really never know when god is going to show up. In a natural disaster, he may kill thousands of people, but save 5 and people will call it a miracle.


Being unpredictable in a relationship is never good. If a husband goes to work sometimes, then decides to get drunk the other times, then gambles away all the money, or just completely being random at all times, the relationship fails.

In the bible we see god being very unpredictable. He loves us, then drowns us, orders sacrifices, then says no more sacrifices, etc etc.

With all this said, how do you have a relationship when in any other circumstances, we would call this, a bad relationship?
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