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Subject My Simple method for plugging the leak. (Pay no attention to this thread)
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Original Message It's been obvious to me for months now that with a high pressure system spewing tremendous amounts of oil and methane gas out, there is only one real way to plug this leak (Other than the drilling of relief wells to stabilize the pressure within the system).

It's Enema Time, I call this method the Heart Attack.

Snake a small tube down the shaft a few miles and start releasing vast amounts of the right type of Epoxy and clog that sucker up slowly from the inside out. Its like intentionally giving someone a heart attack by coating their arteries with plaque.

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Use the pressure of the oil/gas to coat the inside of the shaft and any cracks that may have formed. It will take time for the layers of epoxy to build up within the shaft.

Slowly but surely the opening through which the oil is coming out will get smaller and smaller. Huge amounts of the correct type of Epoxy material would be needed of course.

That should do the trick. I don't want to hear about any 10 year old's who think you can just cap a well under that much stress/pressure and with that much gas being released. We need real solutions here people. To get a real solution, first you need to understand the real problem, and that is that you cannot cap this well with the pressure that it is under. Any attempts to do so will ultimately fail as the pressure continues to build up.

But then again what do I know, I've been sitting on this idea for months now because it still sounds CRAZY to me. But I can't think of any other way to combat the pressure.

Please feel free to point out the errors in this theory.
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