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Subject impending EARTHQUAKE for INDIANPOLIS...PRAY for souls taken into eternity
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Original Message Excerpts from recent messages to Carol Ameche on earthquakes

Earthquake messages

This is a collection of excerpts from recent messages. Please read and begin to pray. Carol

I just returned from two weeks of talks in Indiana, where word of an impending earthquake was given to two people I know there, a man and a woman who received almost exactly the same words at the same time about a large quake with aftershocks, in the area of Indianapolis, IN., without knowledge of each other's messages. Almost immediately, I began to receive messages from Jesus and the Father about this earthquake and the directive to share this information with all of you, especially for requests of constant prayers for those who will be taken into eternity in this quake, that they will accept the Father's mercy and the opportunity to learn about the Father and His commandments, repent and beg forgiveness for their sins, spend time in Purgatory in reparation and then be taken into Heaven. These are many words since the 11th of June:

Jesus: "The earthquake WILL occur, I repeat that you might believe and pray for souls accordingly. So much will be accomplished on this trip. So many will benefit by the knowledge you impart. Tell My people about the many people who will be coming into eternity at this time. The month dedicated to Me will help you each day to more renewal, consecrated to My Sacred Heart. People will be instantly converted by the quick follow-up to your information by the violent shaking of the earth. You are correct, this event will cover a vast amount of land and leave mighty destruction and loss of life behind. It will require a long time for those who survive to heal from the fear that will live strongly in the hearts of all...... even from the aftershocks, there will be more loss of life. Be at peace. You will all feel strong quaking and be profoundly affected. You are all protected according to My Father's Will."

6-13, the Father:
"I call all My faithful ones to a simpler way of life now, one that allows quiet time and that pool of silence (within our hearts) to develop. The earthquake, daughter, the many coming into eternity need so much prayer now. Ask everyone to pray for souls. Ask everyone to realize the different way of life being offered to all, the amount of help needed by those drenched with the cares of the world, and lure of excitement for all who do not stop and listen to the great chasm that exists and widens between their world and Mine, Who is your God and Father. Please focus on My Will and those going into eternity. They will be like strangers in a foreign land without direction or any familiar landmarks. They will be frightened also from the drastic change of environment and the obvious feelings of confusion and loneliness of others, as well as themselves.
Tell Our people to pray for strength to accept the offer of My Mercy and opportunity and the importance to make choices that will involve acceptance of suffering in reparation for sins. Imagine the time all of this will take, and with the absence of time or familiar places, and events that give rise to dread! (These, I believe I am being given the understanding, are the people in eternity as well as those who have lived through the earthquakes and aftershocks....cta) Your prayers must be for peace for them and a new strength to enable them to accept My mercy, their own discoveries of sins they had no idea existed in their lives; to repent and choose for Me and My truth, and a need for reparation and suffering (Purgatory). You see another reason why time is not necessary any longer. (reference to the message that told me 'after the Warning we would not be living time as we know it any longer!' (See "For Mercy's Sake" I will look up the page and report.... cta.) Ponder these words and pray for all of these things and their own gift of openness from the Spirit of God. There will be so many. Beg forgiveness for these souls who have been set adrift in the waters of grace (!) new possibilities and potential to be saved forever. Assist the many souls who will face their particular judgement. Amen."

6-19, Jesus:
"The earthquake hovers until you leave (IN.) and then almost immediately, will occur. The earthquake will be large and destructive, child. Pray for souls! Amen" I am now home. Learys will leave Monday. c.

I am your Jesus: Please ask My faithful children here to pray many rosaries with you in the time before you leave that will usher in this mighty quake. The loss of life will be enormous compared to other events. The need for Reconciliation is serious for ALL with time for reflection with Our Holy Spirit. Let those going into eternity be your constant focus, with their eternal future your plea for mercy for them. I am sure you can pray more and enlist the aid of all the faithful ones here, and the Learys even now, before they arrive (for continued talks in IN.) The united prayer to My Father is so effective. It will not lessen the destruction, but aid those who need grace and mercy to choose for Me in union with the Trinity. Believe in the power of your prayers at this time that is being increased by the very mercy for which you pray. It is a great gift to all of you, as well as to those for whom you pray. Praise and thank My Father for allowing this spiritual and prayerful involvement for My people with all those who pray. Amen."

6-22, the Father:
"Please tell Our people who gather (for a talk) that their Father has hesitated as long as possible to allow this earthquake, given to cleanse hearts and bring them back to their God. Unfortunately, Our people do not appreciate their gifts and possessions until great loss occurs and returns their focus on the Giver of all gifts. This quaking is a sign of My Power to give, to save and to take away. The benefit of souls is always the object of My Will, and this time of destruction prepares My people to listen to all the words of warning given to My messengers these many years. Do NOT think I will punish My faithful ones, but will protect you, that you might serve the many who will come to you in great fear and need.
This is a precursor to the Warning that will also be accompanied before, during and after by destructive events and move Our people from place to place, many of them arriving at your doorsteps and begin My plans for their salvation and all the words of explanation that are being given (at talks). Please open your hearts to listen and learn and be moved to prepare immediately for this immediate earthquake, and caring for the helpless who arrive now and at the Warning, that will be around the proverbial corner, and all you will prepare to welcome and shelter, feed and clothe then. Again I remind you, there will be great loss of life in these quakes and aftershocks, and many broken hearts to heal and shelter. You will do all they will need because of My strength and gifts, as you will at the time of the Warning. Do not fear, but prepare to help many. I thank you all for your fidelity and obedience to My requests. I am your loving Father."

6-23, I Am your God and Father:
"Dearest one, be at peace. These warnings before My faithful ones will travel far and fast to alert and save so many. Truly, I am protecting My prayer warriors and faithful children. This will be a FIRST STRIKE at cold hearts who ridicule all who do listen! They will receive the graces to accept the gifts offered here or in eternity. The New World Order will hear of your involvement in helping to save Our people and enlist the aid of many more prayers.
This area (Midwest) of your country is a strong mix of strong people able to handle others and the terrible needs and sorrows of so many. Just tell all to see this event as a pattern for the rest of your country and the world. As usual, your government will not be as prepared as they think, and much chaos will result. Do not worry, but call out for MORE PRAYER AND CONFESSION OF SINS. Invite all to alert everyone they know to the absolutely, positive facts that a huge earthquake felt through many states will change the topography (surface of the earth) and shape far and wide, and alert many more to the truth of words given at this time, and the needs for them and their personal, prayerful involvement in My plans to cleanse hearts and land from now on or in other places, also very soon. This said in love and concern for the salvation of this country.
I bless all of you who pray with all your hearts and souls for mercy for this country. Do not fear anything or anyone, My daughter. This great gift will bring more souls back to Me than ever in history. Amen. Amen."

6/25, "I am Jesus: Please alert all to pray for those coming into eternity so quickly, that they will accept My Father's merciful plan and desires for them. Pray for earthquake victims and their eternal future."

Carol Ameche
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