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Subject BIO-WARFARE: Corexit dump in the Gulf may just be the perfect delivery vehicle
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Original Message It is important for people to understand that the witches brew in the Gulf could very well be a sinister potion designed to infect specific targeted populations with an unknown bio-warfare agent. Please read all the way
through - very extensive.

Corexit Background

I'm sure that most everyone by now knows quite a bit about Corexit. It's active ingredient is dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate, an anionic surfactant which is commonly referred to as Aerosol OT (not to be confused with an actual aerosol of particles suspended in gas phase).
Corexit works by dispersing the oil into countless tiny droplets with the hydrophobic tails of the surfactant pointed inwards toward the oil and the hydrophilic heads pointing outwards toward the aqueous phase. The hydrophilic heads are negatively charged.

The rationale for using a dispersant such as Corexit for an oil spill is that there are some studies which suggest that the small droplets produced will be more susceptible to biodegradation. In other words, the natural breakdown of oil that occurs in seawater will occur more quickly by using a dispersant. In the meantime, however, the droplets
are suspended as an emulsion that cannot be skimmed or separated from the seawater by conventional means. The emulsion rises/sinks in the water column to the depth where it finds its neutral buoyancy. The result is the so-called oil plumes we have been hearing about in the news.

As would be expected with most emulsions, the droplet size of Corexit-oil dispersions is a function of the applied shear rate. Droplets on the order of 2 to 5 microns in diameter can easily be produced under shear conditions [1].

Effects of a Hurricane on Corexit-oil droplets

Hurricanes act like giant blenders upon the ocean, bringing cold water up from deep below the surface. An example would be Hurricane Dennis which was a Category 4 hurricane that was observed to lift sediment off the seafloor more than 50 meters deep [2] There are other examples of hurricanes inducing vertical uplifts in the water column to depths greater than 150 meters [3]

The giant oil plumes in the Gulf extend from just below the surface to more than 1000 feet deep [4]. It is very reasonable to suspect that a major hurricane would bring these plumes
to the surface where the Corexit-oil droplets would be frothed into the air by wave action.


The Bio-warfare Connection

Ok, so we have an aerosol of tiny oil droplets covered with surfactant (aka micelles) delivered into the human lung. Wouldn't you know it? Micelles are an excellent way to deliver hydrophobic drugs, proteins,genetic
material, etc. into the human body! In general, it is
very difficult to deliver hydrophobic therapeutics into the body. Micelles facilitate the delivery because the therapeutic is dissolved in the "oil" phase contained in the droplet, but the droplet itself is water soluble due to the surfactant molecules on its surface. [6]

Are you with me so far? The only thing missing is the "therapeutic". What is it? Is it a protein? Is it a DNA fragment? Is it some type of drug? What is its intended purpose?

Practicalities of a Bio-warfare Attack

So why go through all this trouble to carry out a bio-warfare attack? Why not dump the agent directly on the targeted population using, say chemtrails or something? There are a few reasons that come to mind:
1) If the agent requires a "package" (e.g. micelles) to be delivered to the human body, it would be very difficult to conduct a large-scale operation that impacts such a large population simultaneously.
2) Chemtrail spraying would have to be conducted at high altitude to keep from arousing suspicion, especially for a large-scale, short duration attack. The aerosol particles would be kept aloft in the troposphere and very little would actually make it to the target.
3) Releasing a biowarfare agent in massive quantities could easily be accomplished by a single ship operating amidst an armada of oil skimming and other support vessels. VERY EASY TO MAINTAIN SECRECY OF OPERATION. SIMPLY DUMP AGENT INTO OIL PLUMES SO THAT IT IS
4) Plausible deniability - when people start dropping like flies the full wrath of the population will be directed toward BP, who as we all know by now, kept spraying the dispersant in spite of the EPA telling them to stop.

Another important question is, why not use a virus or bacteria as a bio-warfare agent? I believe this may have already been tried with the swine flu. In order to have a truly massive and lethal pandemic, you need a pathogen which can be easily transmitted, does not mutate and cannot be efficiently attacked by the immune system. Viruses are easily transmitted but they mutate constantly, and when mutation frequency is combined with transmission frequency it becomes very likely that a virus will mutate into a less virulent form before having much of an impact. Bacteria are less likely to mutate, but they are difficult to transmit and are more susceptible to immune system attack.

Remember, the most important goal of a bio-warfare attack is the shock and awe factor. It is not so much about killing people as it is about filling the survivors with fear to the point that they are willing to give up just about everything for a chance at survival. It is my belief that the Corexit-oil dispersion in the Gulf provides the perfect shock and awe scenario. Once a hurricane picks up this bio-warfare agent and disperses it hundreds of miles in every direction there will be mass hysteria - exactly what is needed to break the back of this country and deliver it into the hands of those perpetrating the attack.

I hope you read all of this. I hope it makes a difference. There may be some flaws in my logic, but I have to say that the argument I have presented makes a hell of a lot of sense to me personally. Please tell me what you think.
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