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Subject July 30th 2010 The rapture window opens
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Original Message According to Daniel 9:25-27 The annointed one will return to reign 49yrs and 62wks after the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem is issued. After the 62wks the annointed one will be cut off aka raptured. Jerusalem will be rebuilt with a wall/trench/barrier this was fullfiled by the west bank barrier which surrounds Jerusalem now. In the mist of one 7yr period the ruler to come aka antichrist will setup the abomination and put an end to sacrific and offerings.

So if I take one 7yr period from the 49yrs I get 42yrs +62wks. Jerusalem was restored to Israel in June 1967 when the Isrealie army captured it. This would mean that as far as this prophecy is concerned the soonest that a rapture could occur is July 30 2010. Interestingly enough the parliment of Israel voted to rebuild Jerusalem on April 1 1969 that would mean April 1 1969 +42yrs +62wks or June 2012 the rapture should occur. I guess the only question is the decree a spiritual heavenly decree or a man issued decree. Either way were living in the moments just before Jesus return.

But the Jews do not practice sacrific and offerings never fear in 2009 the settlers in the town of mitzpe yerhico decided they would build a temple school a full scale replica so that they can teach priests how to offer sacrifices and offerings. The facility is under construction now. Its about 12 miles from the temple mount.

Unfortunately, the bible is very clear that the seven year period before Jesus return would be very very miserable. Ezekiel 38-39 Daniel 11 Rev seals and trumpets make it clear that ww3 will occur and 1/3rd of the earth will be burned. It will happen in such a way that all of the Jews move to Israel. There are around 6million jews in Isreal now there are 7 million in the USA and a few hundred thousand scattered among the rest of the nations. Also the coastlands that live in safety will be burned according to those prophecies so its going to be miserable pretty much all around.

The two witnesses are probable clothed in sackcloth preaching their testimony in Jerusalem now they are probable homesless and no one is taking them seriously. If you happen to be blessed with the resources to visit Jerusalem and you see two homeless men preaching clothed in sackcloth thats more than likely them.
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