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Subject Wingmakers, Nibiru, Annunaki, Illuminati
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Original Message The true Wingmakers material originated from Nibiru/Planet X. The leak is a hoax, not the site itself. They knew that some of this material was about to become public on the Web and through spiritual sources, so they created the story about Dr. Neruda defecting in order to include all of the mistruths with partial truth. Their Mythological Structure comes from the same source who control the worlds wealth today. The story of the Labyrinth group is also a fabrication. They are the same people as the Illuminati, the Dark Brotherhood, the Reptilians, the Animus, the Annunaki, the secret trillionaires in charge of Earth's current financial and ruling hierarchy today.

The teachings (Unconditional Love and Compassion ) of Buddha, Jesus, and other highly evolved Humans resonate closely to the wisdom and knowledge of Nibiru. You cannot reach such heights in evolution with greed, exploitation, deceit, and control. You cannot evolve as a whole depriving the majority of Truth. Such beings of Truth and knowledge would never dream of having slaves or mining for gold and other natural resources. Each of us is the Son of God, each of us has the potential to become a God, we are all connected to God. The Central Race are Humans, we are the Central Race.

The Annunaki did not create humans, they rewrote the creation myths to suit their own agenda of power and control. Just as we see in today's world. The original Sumerian texts reflect this, but they have been changed and replaced by the current stories and lies. Such as the creation of humans and introduction of singular gods to replace the Unified Force of our Universe. Humans are the singular gods, or at least have the potential to realise this. This is precisely what The Annunaki don't want Humans to know, we are all connected to God. This should not have to be taught by texts, it should be felt, the connection to Spirit is undeniable once initiated and aware if its presence. Zecharia Sitchin has taken the partial truth that he has discovered and rewritten it to suit those of the true Annunaki. Just as the hieroglyphs in Egypt of the Nibirian helicopters and aircraft that were used to build the pyramids here and on Mars were kept from the general public. There are countless instances of history being rewritten to suit the Annunaki and their various political, religious and secret organisations.

BST technology also originates from Nibiru and they will never be able to develop it. Such knowledge is only available to beings in the higher frequencies of our existence. They are desperate because they know of the Nibirians return and I believe that this also had something to do with the BST information being released on the wingmakers website. They were hoping that someone would believe them and their fony cause, helping out of concern for the Human race as a whole.
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