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Subject Mankind's missing link:
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Original Message Mankind's missing link: 'thinking and doing without knowing'

Subtitle: The calcified bridge between our two parts of the brain

What do we have more or what do we miss that we separate ourselves from nature?

We behave as if we are a superior race that is able to protect and control nature, like we even manipulate the genetic cords of plants, animal life and ourselves.

But in the mean time we are the only products of God's Creation that suffer illnesses and wars from time to time.
(See: one cycle of the Universe watch of eternity)

Is it only because mankind is the Crown of God's Creation and miss a natural species above us, which keeps us in balance with other species?

This supposition should imply that the cycle of life before ours - the dinosaur period of about 60 million years ago - also had to suffer overgrowth with as a consequence illnesses and massive killing of own species.

As far as one could reconstruct this wasn't the case.

Owing to biological studies of the adaptation to "over-fishing" one found that as soon as one species decreases in amount, this specific group reacts with increased amount of reproduction as well as a decreased period of reproduction.

Biological studies also showed the opposite reactions of species owing to overgrowth.
The corrective mechanisms of nature were found to be result of waste.

-In case of overgrowth it is the overproduction of own specific waste, that harms, restrains or inhibit reproduction.

-In case of a decreased amount specific waste of another species was found to be the trigger for increased reproduction.

That mankind misses this inborn feeling of keeping himself in balance with nature completely is out of discussion.

Is it a coincidence that mankind started recycling his waste and grew out to a human plague?
Do we miss this so-called cosmic intelligence or intelligent design completely?

But what seems to speak well for this theory is that during the last phase of dinosaur-life nature also suffered acid rains before a huge meteorite or a "meteorite-rain" made an acute end on this cycle of life.

Anyhow it speaks against our general idea that our suffering acid rains nowadays is only induced by our artificial heat production, named "technological revolution".

Nevertheless the dinosaur also was the crown of that episode of life and also missed this natural counterbalance to keep specimen in a balanced equilibrium with nature.
Did the dinosaur still had the intelligence to keep its species in "balance with nature"?

From our point of view we are the only species with intelligence.
We are the only species that has the ratio and consciousness however…
Nowadays we even speak about cosmic intelligence or intelligent design from which we received our consciousness.

Could it be that the opposite is true and that the dinosaur still had the cosmic intelligence, like animals can feel or smell climatological calamities beforehand?


What is the absurdity of our book of wisdom [the Bible], to speak about a mankind's growth to seeing blindness and hearing deafness?

Is that intelligence?
Or is it our stupidity that we experience our thinking, our creativity and our duplication of individual lifetime as being a growth to consciousness?

What is our strange attitude of always wanting more or better than we have or are?
Why we always show our best side and always "face-lift" ourselves in front of others?
Why we always explore and stimulate the coincidentally received "super"-qualities in our children in the hope for better?
Where these qualities come from?
We know empirically that these qualities are hereditive ones or speaking in terms of the Bible, we received it "From father to son and from mother to daughter".
Could there be a relation between this hereditive load, karma, soul or spirit?
Is it perhaps all the same?
Why the book of wisdom predicted that we should re-find the Paradise again after solving this individual karma?
That should mean that we always choose the opposite way and grow to Hell in stead of Paradise.


Thousand questions that nobody seems to border, because nobody seems to have time for these "philosophical nonsense".

We are too busy with our own and important work to create better!

What is this extreme restlessness that posses us more and more and made us working day and night?
Did we lose the real philosophy of life completely?
May I introduce you in my medical experiments, which solved these 1001 questions?

-First of all everyone's body was found to be an energetic chaos between the organs.
We are born with this chaos and die with an even bigger chaos.

-This chaos was found to increase every successive generation and narrowly related to one of our parents.
In other words: this chaos is an hereditive load and because we behave like we are, we become more and more chaotic or restless and always are searching to stability in our own life.

Aren't we always searching for something that we miss?

-Thirdly it was found that illnesses origins in these chaotic mass always appeared in the "mal-nourished" weak organs. It even could be predicted.

-Fourthly it became clear that stabilizing this chaos temporarily in our material body, it decreased the feelings of being tired or ill, but the restless doing seemed to be unaffected.

This stabilization always was a temporarily one.

So there had to be a higher force, which induced this chaos and could not be reached by my use of body-own enzymes.

-Finally I found this superior force, which dictated our entire body

It was found to be our thinking.
How and why attractive and repulsive emotions induce changes in our attitude?
Why we suffer illnesses and wars specifically?
We know that the brain is the center of regulation.
Could it be a malformation inside our brain?
Why we speak about corpus callosum and/or the calcified bridge between the right and left part of the brain?
Is it a coincidence only or is it the signal that evolution reached its end?
Weren't we said to be the crown of evolution?
Was it all known, as all my discoveries were found to be re-discoveries concerning incarnation (RNA changes) and reincarnation (DNA changes) related to thinking?
Why we evolved to right-handed individuals and why nowadays there are born more and more left-handed persons?

Without going in detail here about all different experiments on my fellowmen I became convinced that the so-called "corpus callosum" separated our left part from the right part of the brain.

-It became certain that our unique quality for individual survival was induced by this small missing link.
During time our thinking mind grew to a compilation of thousands and thousands pictures, which all are related to old experiences in order to survive. All pictures are sampled in our genetic cord, changed this cord and make that we act progressively without deep knowing.

-It is progressively because all these so-called conditional brain reflexes are hereditive ones. [see also previous articles]

-It is not only that we speak about cordial, mild, or pissed-off people, but it also became clear that our individual walk of life is predestinated owing to all previous generations. They modify and/or influence our doing completely.

As soon as these genetic changes are fixed or reincarnated in our DNA chain the emotions disappear and become part of our "normal" or "abnormal" attitude in life.
Without knowing we always continue the road that previously was prepared by "emotions" of generations before ours.

-It is like we are obsessed and programmed by these old emotions.

-It's like we are fixed on such items until the moment that this "emotional" problem is solved completely and our genetic cord is remodeled to "normal".

-It is really an hereditive load that we carry with us.

-It is an hereditive load that grows to absurd proportions and really makes us seeing blind and hearing deaf for all other aspects in life.

-It is speaking in comparisons that we grew out to all different specialized cells.

-It are cells that lost the overview completely and only have insights of their own activity.
Anciently this hereditive load was named soul, karma or life spirit and typical for the Crown of God's creation.

-It is this growth that separated us from a real collaboration with nature.
These imbalances inside our body lead to a growth to imperfection.

-It is this imperfection, which urged us to protect ourselves more and more.

-It is our growing "minority being" that we compensate with a majority-complex of honour, pride or status.

-It only was found to be this tiny calcified bridge that made us so eccentric.

-It is the tiny things that can have huge consequences.

-It was the missing link between the collective mind (seeing nature as being one huge family) and the individual ego-mind for individual survival.

-It is the last step in this long-lasting evolution that made us as being the afterthought with this small "genetic defects".

Mankind's missing link.

The calcified bridge between thinking and knowing.

It is the cause of doing without knowing.

We are the afterbirth of evolution.
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